NASA Scientist Admits Giving US Intellectual Property to China Will Face Up to 5yrs in Prison
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) NASA Scientist Admits Giving US Intellectual Property to China Will Face Up to 5yrs in Prison

A particular senior NASA scientist has just admitted to lying towards authorities about his own participation in a certain program that the United States notes is designed for siphoning intellectual property over to China. Basically, precious US intellectual property is now being given to China and a senior NASA scientist has been found to be involved.

Senior NASA scientist found guilty

Meyya Meyyappan, coming from Pacifica, California, has just pleaded guilty recently on Wednesday in a certain federal court in New York to one count of the scientist making false statements. The Acting US Attorney known as Audrey Strauss over in Manhattan gave the statement.

Meyyappan, of 66 years old, has been working for NASA ever since 1996 and has even been appointed chief scientist for his exploration technology at the particular Center for Nanotechnology located at the Ames Research Center over in California ever since 2006, according to the statement. The prosecutors stated that Meyyappan had participated in China's very own Thousand Talents Program.

China's Thousand Talents Program

According to the story by Bloomberg, the Thousand Talents Program, which the United States notes was established by the official Chinese government in order to recruit certain individuals having access or knowledge of esteemed foreign technology or even intellectual property. He was also said to serve as a certain professor at certain universities in China, Japan, and even South Korea.

When they were questioned by the FBI agents, NASA's very own inspector general as well as government attorneys over in October, he actually denied his participation in this controversial program or that he had helped professorship over at the schools. He is now scheduled to receive his sentence this coming June 16 and also faces up to five whole years in prison.

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US prosecutors files cases against participants

The US prosecutors have recently pursued certain charges against a number of different intellectuals, researchers, and most of all scientists that have allegedly been working along with the Chinese in order to help them steal certain trade secrets. It was also noted that at least half a dozen cases have recently been filed against certain Chinese researchers that have been affiliated with certain military universities in their home country.

It was also found that the Chinese researchers along with a number of others were found to be visiting certain scholars that have indeed participated in the Chinese academic program. The Chinese academic program is what the US authorities say is a certain state-backed effort for the country to gain certain trade secrets.

China has been competing with the world when it comes to the next generation technology when it comes to a number of different fields from cellular phones all the way to space engineering. According to an article by BreakingDefense, the Chinese even beat Russia and the United States when it came to launching into space. In the article back in October 30, 2020, it was reported that China had 29 satellites while the US only had 27.

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