Leading e-commerce platform Teespring has announced its company rebranding, to be known as SPRING for its creators and fans, on Jan. 12.

The company, which has established a global creator and client base for customized apparel, has decided to highlight its growth and continuous evolution. As it powered countless merch designers over the years, SPRING announces its rebranding as "a move which marks the culmination of years of work in providing an unparalleled offering to the powerful creator industry."

In line with the rebrand, the former Teespring also launched its new website - SPRI.NG - to serve as its new home, communicating the company's goals of inclusion across content creators of every type, size, and social following. A bit of a disclaimer, though, the site is still in its beta testing stage.

From Teespring to SPRING

Teespring traces its breakthrough with an exclusive shopping feature announcement on YouTube back in 2018. It credits this one announcement as a "catalyst," fueling creators and influencers who spend most of their time on social media to turn to this productive platform, soon catching the eye of brands and businesses.

Since then, Teespring has silently provided and developed the platform that would allow influencers of the Information Age to sell and distribute its own merchandise at their terms - the very social media pages where millions of fans view and follow its every update - on Instagram, YouTube, Streamlabs, Discord, Twitch, and even TikTok.

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As of January 2021, Teespring posted more than 450,000 verified creators who have joined the e-commerce platform, creating their socially integrated online stores accessible for their respective followers.

The SPRING rebrand follows after the largely successful 2020, taken to new heights with its largest Black Friday weekend ever. With this latest move, the e-commerce leader seeks to further cement its position in the market, with the new image reflecting better its changes in quality, service, and the entire experience. Spearheaded by the new Vice President for Marketing, Les Green, SPRING claims that it directly communicated with its creators to understand better which aspects of the platform require an update - parts creators wanted access to, support with, and improve further.

SPRING: The New Home of Social E-Commerce

With this rebrand, SPRING also introduces its creators and fans with innovative features and support such as:

"Social Stores" with custom domains: Now, every creator will have their own "social store," fully-branded online stores with their own custom domain for easier access. This will allow creators to host all their customized apparel and seamlessly connect to their social media channels.

Selling Downloadable Products: Evolving from the sale of deliverable accessories and apparel, SPRING can now offer digital products on their social stores: e-books, photo filters, audio files, and more!

Premium Support Services: Creators that require further support with their stores can now communicate with Dedicated Creator Managers or utilize Custom Product Sourcing & Fulfillment solutions for their stores. Also, SPRING commits to a 24/7 Chat Support service and Personal Design Services.

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"The shift to become SPRING is a declarative statement to the creator economy that our vision is to become the underlying architecture that helps power monetization through commerce," said Teespring CEO Chris Lamontagne.

"Our business has been on a fantastic journey from custom tees to building social integrations - but I couldn't be more excited for this next chapter," he added.

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