The long-running debate over which is the better streaming platform - YouTube vs. Twitch - is getting an answer after various influencers, and content creators switch their medium to showcase their content to the public. Google's YouTube and Amazon's Twitch are two very different, and simultaneously, platforms that provide service as a medium for content.

YouTube vs. Twitch
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Both streaming platforms were once independent startup companies before selling to massive corporations with the likes of Mountain View's internet company, Google, and Amazon's largest e-commerce company. YouTube and Twitch continued their long-running services for content creators before the word "Vlogger" was even created and popularized by the mass media.

Since then, YouTube and Twitch became niche sites where content creation co-existed despite the two large platforms. There was a notion before that Google's YouTube was for vlogs, music videos, trailers, lifestyle content, instructional, etc. On the other hand, the popular Twitch.TV was made known for holding gaming vlogs, walkthroughs, and lifestyle. 

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YouTube vs. Twitch: Growth over the Years and During the Pandemic

According to Seen Connects, numbers alone dictate that YouTube has a massive growth last 2018 with 343 percent, while Twitch grew by 197 percent. However, the pandemic came and rendered the entire world restricted to their homes due to the coronavirus lockdown protocols to stem the disease's spread.

Youtube's top trending videos and creators of 2020
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From gaming content creators to a former NASA engineer, here are YouTube's list of Top Trends this year.

Currently, according to Stream Labs' blog post, Twitch rose to 5 billion total watch hours from Q1 to Q2 of 2020 and toned down to 4.7 billion on Quarter Three. Despite the decrease, Twitch still controlled 63.6 percent of the game streaming industry in total watch hours. 

On the other hand, YouTube Gaming only grew 22.5 percent, with 1.675 billion total watch hours for the platform. This figure is only for the gaming leg statistics of YouTube and not the video website's entirety. In Total Livestream Hours and Unique Channel statistics of 2020's Q3, Twitch controlled more than 90 percent of both criteria. 

Watch hours are necessary to determine the better platform as it helps decide which among the two are getting more attention than the other. This factor also means that content creators prefer a specific one over the other, and artists are the most considerable influence to attract viewers to a particular platform. 

YouTube vs. Twitch: Which is Better?

Controversies and issues have risen over the past few years that have popular content creators "jumping ship" or heading to different platforms in an attempt to leave one over the other. The reasons may be diversifying revenue streams, contract disputes, or simply wanting to get more from another service.

Twitch streaming Safety Advisory Council
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Twitch created a Safety Advisory Council recently, but one of them drew ire almost immediately.

Popular streamers, including Casey Neistat, Logan Paul, and Roman Atwood, were 2018's largest YouTubers who transitioned to have a Twitch platform alongside Google's streaming service. This venture gave the YouTubers more control and earnings in their profession. 

As Streamlabs' report indicates, Twitch is the more extensive network in total hours watched and live streaming viewers. Popular game streamers like NinjaShroud, and summit1g leads 2020's Twitch streams that simultaneously have their own YouTube channels. In an overall sense, Twitch takes the game streaming niche and general streams this 2020. 

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