Apple is known for its massive releases yearly, and the company shows no signs of teasers or information as it piques the interest of people with the anonymity of their gadgets, seeing the same trend this 2021. Leaks and speculations always surround Apple because of its secrecy, with the Foldable iPhone and In-Display Fingerprint Sensor rumored to come this year.

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The most valuable technology company in the world is gearing up for 2021 releases, and Apple would surely be there to satisfy everyone's needs and wants with the gadget releases that would come for this year.

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Apple Leaks 2021: Rumors See iPhone Rising Again

According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who is also known as a trusted Apple leaker and insider, various tech with the biggest to be a Foldable iPhone, is coming this year, and is under the works from the company. The company has not expressed any interest or fascination over the "foldable smartphone" craze that has been stirring for the past years.

Samsung Galaxy
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Samsung Galaxy Foldable phone screen crack

Rumors have now suggested that Apple is looking into the technology, and possibly creating prototypes to match the competition from Android smartphones that can extend its displays. However, this tech suggests the least possibility and may not be released by the company, according to Gurman. 

Additionally, the iPhone 13 lineup for this year is rumored to feature the "S" moniker on its releases, bringing back the popular name on the smartphone which ended with the iPhone 6S and 6S+ which first featured 3D Touch. This trend appeared when Apple only puts minor changes to the iPhones, which might be the same scenario this year. 

Apple Leaks 2021: In-Display Fingerprint Sensor, AirTags, and MORE

According to Mac Rumors, some leaks are expected and unveiled of the Cupertino giant and it all includes technology that is present in its rival's gadgets, with the likes of the AirTags. The featured tech that iPhone would adopt this year or leaked to develop is the in-display fingerprint sensor, which saw massive popularity with Android smartphones.

Touch ID
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Apple dropped the fingerprint sensor starting with the iPhone X lineup, until the latest iPhone 12, but has kept it with the iPhone SE 2020, a.k.a. the second generation. While initial speculations from Apple all include a fingerprint sensor hidden in the power button (in the past iPhone variants), leaks for 2021 now indicates that it would venture the in-display. 

One of the most expected techs of 2020 that never came out, is also set for the 2021 stage, with the Apple AirTags reported being joining this year's release. Samsung's Galaxy Smart Tag already went ahead of Apple with its CES 2021 showcase. 

Apple leaks suggest that the Cupertino giant would focus on developing its iPhone and iPad lineup, with a 2021 iPad Pro, also leaked to come sometime this year. 

*All details above are based on speculations, rumors, leaks, that may or may not be released by Apple. 

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