Fuji Pro 400H Discontinued: 120 has Time While the 35mm Gets Wiped Out ASAP
(Photo : Screenshot From Willem Verbeeck YouTube) Fuji Pro 400H Discontinued: 120 has Time While the 35mm Gets Wiped Out ASAP

Fujifilm's one and only popular Pro 400H color negative film has officially been discontinued for both of the 35mm and the 120 film formats. This would technically consider this film a step closer towards becoming a vintage.

Fuji Pro 400H 120

According to an article by DigitalCameraWorld, Fujifilm has announced as of recently that it will finally be discontinuing its popular Pro 400H film for both the 35mm and 120 formats. Apparently, this move is said to be due to certain difficulties when it comes to procuring the needed materials in order to produce this particular type of color negative film.

Fujifilm even describes the Pro 400H film as a particularly unique product that would require specialized materials in order to produce. The raw chemicals and mateirals have become very difficult to get hold of over the past years, which has now led towards an unfortunate decision to permanently discontinue this film.

Fuji Pro 400H being discontinued

Fujifilm gave a statement noting the Fujifilm PRO 400H is known to be a unique product that is technically coated with a four layer that requires specililzed raw materials as well as chemicals. As it has now also become increasingly difficult to get these ram materials in order to produce the PRO 400H.

The company then stated that they regret to inform customers that after quite careful consideration, they have finally decided to make the difficult business decision of discontinuing the PRO 400H. While the demand for the films is still pretty much strong enough to keep them on the shelves, the problem now is the supply of the materials needed in order to create the films on demand.

Fuji Pro 400H film discontinued

Film shooters could be left in much disappointment with Fujifilm's final decision as the popular PRO 400H is known as a go-to choice for certain film enthusiasts. This is known for the main way that it renders certain color and skin tones that some film photographers will find it hard to replace the Fujifilm Pro 400H.

Unfortunately, it seems like Fujifilm itself has discontinued a number of film stocks over the past years. One of the most notable discontinuations is the large format 4x5 Neopan 100 Acros negative sheet film. Despite the decisions, the film industry at large is reportedly seeing a resurgence in popularity. In fact, even Kodak has reported that its current film production has even more than doubled over the last few years according to Kosmofoto.

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Fuji Pro 400H 35mm

There is still good news left for the 120 film shooters however as Fujifilm has finally confirmed that it will officially be allocating the 120 PRO 400H film up to the end of the year 2021. Enthusiasts of this particular model film might want to stock up on it before losing this particular piece of photography forever. However, as for the 35mm format, it will officially stop to exist and production will halt officially as of January 14, 2021.

A video by Willem Verbeeck on YouTube shows the Fuji Pro 400H review.

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