Lenovo Announces New ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses: Availability, Price, Specs, and Etc.
(Photo : Screenshot From AR MR XR YouTube) Lenovo Announces New ThinkReality A3 Smart Glasses: Availability, Price, Specs, and Etc.

Lenovo has recently launched its brand new ThinkReality device for the CES 2021. The company has even stated that this is supposedly one of the company's most advanced as well as one of its most versatile smart glasses for the enterprise customers. This manufacturer is now presenting the new AR Glasses 'ThinkReality A3' as a new pair of smart glasses that could be used for certain applications like certain 3D visualizations and even augmented reality guided workflows at a certain time when the world is now looking towards adopting new technologies for its smart collaboration.

Lenovo AR Glasses: ThinkReality A3 capabilities

Quite unlike the very first ThinkReality model known as the ThinkReality A6, which now looks like the typical mixed reality headset, this is known as one that fits more like a normal pair of (chunky) sunglasses. Certain companies cannot modify it along with Lenovo's new industrial frame options, though, in order to make it much more durable or even safer.

According to the report by Engadget, the new ThinkReality A3 is said to be powered by a pretty powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 SoC for the virtual and the mixed reality headsets. These particular smart glasses are capable of showing up to five different virtual 1080p displays and are even equipped with an 8-megapixel camera capable of providing the 1080p video. This also comes along with the dual fish-eye cameras for the room-scale tracking.

ThinkReality A3 smart glasses specs

The headset is said to still need to be connected towards either a PC or even a Motorola smartphone that is powered by a certain Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series processor or better through the use of a USB-C in order for it to work. As expected the known PC edition will be using the Windows software applications and tools.

Meanwhile the ThinkReality A3 Industrial Edition now relies on Motorola's new ThinkReality software platform in order to provide hands-free AR tasks. Lenovo now envisions a number of applications for this headset across different industries and even believes that it can be used wherever privacy and space are limited. There aren't 

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ThinkReality smart glasses availability

This particular ThinkReality A3 can also be used in certain factories, retail locations, laboratories, and even hospitality space, for instance. Since this particular smart glasses is meant for enterprise use only, Lenovo did not release a certain consumer price point, but it supposedly announced that the new A3 will be available in only a selected number of markets worldwide all starting mid-2021.

XDA-developers also specifically notes that it will only be available for specific markets worldwide while also expressing that it is important to understand that these particular smart glasses are actually meant for official enterprise customers and not really for those retail users. However, it remains to be see if Lenovo does plan to potentially release either this or a better form of AR smart glasses for a retail market in the future.

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