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(Photo : Youtube/ FightinCowboy) Dark Souls video game Rhea walkthrough

Player of "Dark Souls" may probably only have a vague sense of what the overall goal is. When you start encountering NPCs with their own quests, most of which are more cryptic that your own encounter, it is expected that you won't be able to see them through the end on your first playthrough.

Rhea is one of the most interesting NPCs to show up for a couple of reasons. First is that you will certainly encounter her at least once during the playthrough, but also you may never encounter her again. If you wish to know Rhea's fate at the end of her quest, here's a guide.

Rhea's Questline

When you first arrive at Firelink Shrine there are a couple of NPC's already around you can talk to. One of these NPC's is Petrus, who will hint at Rhea's future arrival. You do not need to interact with him in order to trigger her, but it is worth noting he is part of the quest and to know his location for later quest.

After you fight your way through the Undead Burg and after you beat the boss of Capra Demon, you can go back to Firelink. You will now see that the Petrus' group has arrived, including the maiden Rhea.

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You can talk to her and learn that she is on an important mission, though she will never tell you what the mission is. Talk to Petrus now as well so that the next time you leave the area, Rhea and her troupe will move on to the next location.

You can either go to Rhea's next location, or you can stop back by Firelink to see Petrus is still there. He has also apparently failed in his duty in order to protect Rhea, but that does not mean the mission is done. You also need to go deep down through the Catacombs, beat Pinwheel, and you can head into the Tomb of the Giants.

For anyone familiar with the game, it is in this area that you will encounter Patches. You can talk to him but you will need to drop down into a pit that he is interested in. Fight off the monsters down there and two hollows that you might recognize as part of Rhea's guard. Find Rhea and talk to her. She will then reward you with the Replenishment miracle and escape the zone as soon as you leave.

It is this where Rhea's fate is split. If you go to her next location before going to any new areas, you can interact with her as a miracle vendor.

If you explore too much in the area, Petrus will get to her first and end up killing her. When you make it there, you will find seven humanities and a Pendant on her corpse, but her story can go on a bit further.

To go to her final stage, purchase all the miracles she has to sell and to continue on until you can enter the Duke's Archives. After you are taken to the prison area, you can find her hollowed out in one of the cells below. You can kill Rhea there if you wish to pick up seven humanities as well as the Ivory Talisman.

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