64 Bits 32 Bits 16 Bits Meme: Viral Pixelated Meme Origin
(Photo : Screenshot From Spike - The Dank Meme YouTube) 64 Bits 32 Bits 16 Bits Meme: Viral Pixelated Meme Origin

Big thanks to the particular networked nature of the whole internet, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find out exactly where a particular meme would start. For most of the time, a certain meme would just simply show up on users' feeds and would then continually show up again and again making it hard to find out its origin.

What is 64 bit 32 bit 16 bit meme? Origin Explored 

According to an article by Distractify, the 64 bits 32 bits 16 bits meme is practically one of the newest editions to the meme world as the nerdier meme just recently became viral. This begs the question, how did this meme begin?

The origins of this particular meme aren't really that old when it comes to internet terms. The meme originated back in 2013 from a particular YouTube video called the Angry Video Game Nerd who was found reviewing a number of different Tiger Electronics video games in the particular episode.

In the wake of that particular video's first release, the certain audio clip provides the whole backing to the meme which now became increasingly popular in itself. Although the video is almost a decade old, the audio coming from the video is also starting to become a new meme that has created an increasingly pixelated version of the particular wide variety of images. Although the meme has also largely been separated from the supposed original context, it is still mostly used when referencing video games. 

For those that are a little less versed when it comes to computer terminology, a bit is said to be a technical term simply referring to the whole capacity of the computer when it comes to performing computations on a number of different sizes. In order to simplify it, a higher number of these bits usually mean a much more powerful computer. In the entire world of video games, it has also tended to be associated with much better, more realistic, and also detailed graphics.

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64 bits 32 bits 16 bits 8 bits 4 bits 2 bits 1 bit original 

The meme simply takes advantage of this and also shows what images would look like if ever they were broken down into much smaller bits. A 64-bit image still looks kind of lifelike. However, moving down to 1 bit, the shown images would get even more pixelated. Eventually, the subject would then become totally abstract.

Although the meme can mean a number of things, it is typically used in order to make fun of certain things that were actually more disappointing than initially expected. One particularly popular iteration, for example, is what happens with the vivid logo of Cyberpunk 2077 creating more pixelated versions of this. This mirrored what fans felt regarding the game that was released very buggy on the older consoles.

As the memes started getting more popular going along with increasing frequency, it's now impossible to say just how long this particular meme will be around. It now emerged quite quickly and it might also disappear just that fast as well. As it now begins to pop up on much more feeds, though, it will also be yet another example of the whole influence of geek culture when it comes to mainstream discourse.

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