'Minecraft' Snapshot 21w03a: How to Make Neon Signs With Glow Lichen and Glow Squids
(Photo : Screenshot From Xisumavoid YouTube) 'Minecraft' Snapshot 21w03a: How to Make Neon Signs With Glow Lichen and Glow Squids

"Minecraft" snapshot 21w03a is currently live and along with it is a set of new pre-released features expected to be implemented for the brand new Caves and Cliffs update. During this new addition, everything will be about the glow.

'Minecraft' 21w03a

According to the story by PCGamesN, this snapshot is expected to add both Glow Lichen and the Glow Squids. Both of them reportedly have a number of different attributes all very helpful in building cool new stuff like pretty awesome craftable neon signs!

Glow Squids do not yet spawn just naturally in this particular "Minecraft" snapshot 21w03a but instead, players will be able to get eggs from them in their own Creative mode inventory. Just like the name suggests, these particular additions glow. Apparently, the newly added "Minecraft" Axolotls kind of hate them since the smaller amphibians will immediately attack the squids right on sight.

'Minecraft' glow squid

Whenever killed, they will be dropping a Glow Ink Sac, which players will be able to apply on any existing sign in order to make it glow. It also seems that this will basically create what's more obvious as a neon effect. Players will also be able to use the ink in order to craft a certain Glow Item Frame. This will illuminate just about any item that players will choose to put inside.

This particular snapshot is also known to add the Glow Lichen, which is expected to be a dim light source that would spawn in the caves. Players can then make use of shears in order to harvest it and even bonemeal to spread everything along the surfaces. As always, players will be able to install the "Minecraft" 21w03a snapshot through the official Java Edition launcher.  Players will be able to get more of the details on the game's official site.

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New 'Minecraft' snapshot

"Minecraft" has been around for quite a while now and although a lot of non-gamers would take a look at the game and consider it a game for kids, those who try to play the game realize that the creativity within the game is good for adults as well. The almost endless options within the game allow for it to be played in a number of different ways.

Certain people took the time to create amazing pieces of art within the game from the recreation of Los Angeles or Los Angelcraft. The recreation features hundreds of buildings as well as the popular LA sites. Anyway, check this video by GamerBrain out to see just how awesome certain creations are in "Minecraft."

Oh yeah, to note exactly how crazy creations can get within the game, a certain creation was able to achieve the ultimate classical game, Pokemon Red! Players are able to play the game within "Minecraft" showing an exact replica of the beloved game. It reportedly took the developer 21 months in order to finish but the results are worth it!

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