Adobe Flash Player Shutdown Caused 'Chaos' for Chinese Railroads for Over 20 Hours
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Adobe Flash Player Shutdown Caused 'Chaos' for Chinese Railroads for Over 20 Hours

Back in 2017, Adobe had announced that it would officially be deactivating its Flash by the end of 2020. Some time earlier this month, on the 12th of January, Adobe had finally carried out with its non-negotiable plan, to deactivate Flash installations all around the world. However, it seems like the shutdown of the Adobe Flash Player caused chaos for a Chinese railroad over in Liaoning province.

Adobe Flash player shutdown

According to Apple Daily, officials at the China Railway Shenyang had used Flash-based software in order to plan each day's thorough railroad operations. As a result of this particular outage, Apple Daily stated that staffers were reportedly unable to see the certain train operation diagrams, formulate the critical train sequencing schedules, and even arrange the shunting plans.

As a result of the loss of Adobe Flash, the railroad was even unable to dispatch its trains. This then led to a complete shutdown of its own railroads over in Dalian, Liaoning province according to the report of Apple Daily. After about a day of chaos, the railroad was able to find a temporary solution as it had obtained a pirated version of the Adobe Flash Player without the needed self-deactivating code. The railroad then installed it early on January 13 and this allowed their operations to continue. This story was reported by arsTechnica.

Chinese officials defend

Officials then gave a statement regarding the incident on the Chinese social media account known as QQ saying after over 20 hours of "fighting," there were no complaints and none of them gave up. This was translated by Google Translate. It was said that even if there is only little hope, there is still existing motivation to move forward.

The post has then attracted quite the amount of mockery throughout the Chinese internet. There were observers that pointed out that the railroad officials should have anticipated this particular program and had developed an alternative non-Flash dispatching system a couple of months earlier since Adobe had announced its shutdown way back in 2017. The post was then reportedly taken down. However, there is still a copy available for viewing at

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Flash player no more

With the Adobe Flash shutdown, this welcomed the age for newer programming technology. In the past, almost everything was built on the Flash Player as opposed to JavaScript and others but this was a really long time ago. As of the moment, with Adobe Flash out of the picture, there seems to be little impact in the overall internet. However, a few were still affected as they were not able to update their programming.

The Chinese railroad's problem was that it was not able to make an alternative non-Flash program that could handle their systems before the official shutdown took place. Although the announcement was released way back in the past, the Chinese railroad is now still running their programs on a cracked version of Flash.

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