Sony Defends its Xperia Pro Price at $2,500 with 5G, OLED Display, 360-Degree Antenna, and More
(Photo : Screenshot From MrMobile [Michael Fisher] YouTube) Sony Defends its Xperia Pro Price at $2,500 with 5G, OLED Display, 360-Degree Antenna, and More

A number of device makers would regularly throw around the popular word "Pro" to make a phone model more attractive to those buyers looking for premium devices. However, when it comes to the Sony Xperia Pro costing $2,500, it is said that the company does mean what it says.

How much is Sony Xperia Pro? 

According to an article by Gizmodo, although the Xperia Pro still shares a lot of the same gut design as the previous Xperia 1 ii, Sony still added a number of improvements to help photographers, videographers, and even broadcasting professionals.

  • Micro HDMI port - this reportedly allows users to connect their Xperia Pro into a nearby camera.

  • 5G modem - when the phone is connected to a camera, the Xperia Pro can then take footage from the much bigger camera and immediately upload it towards a broadcast station or users can also live stream their content directory across a number of platforms.

  • USB-C - for content that is less time sensitive, users have the option of transferring the pics or the videos towards the Xperia Pro through a USB-C which will be automatically uploaded through the use of a specified FTP

  • External Monitor app - this allows the phone to connect to a Sony Alpha camera in order to use it as visuals

  • OLED display - the phone has a 6.5 inch OLED display which has a lot of adjustable options on the phone.

  • Triple cam module - this can be used to capture both photos and videos

Aside from these interesting functions, the Sony Xperia Pro has a few powerful features as well.

  • Micro HDMI port

  • IP 68 water resistance

  • Gorilla Glass 6 Screen

  • 360-degree antenna design - allow radio waves to connect faster

  • Network Visualizer - allows user to see connection signal more thoroughly

Despite the positive upgrades, there are also reportedly a few turnoffs for this new phone as reported by the article namely the use of older Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chips and the X55 modem and the battery life of just 4,000 mAh.

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Is the Sony Xperia Pro worth the price?

On the GSMArena page, the Xperia Pro had mostly positive reviews while others were trying to defend its price by saying that it is a niche product and not for everyone as Sony clearly said. An Anonymous comment, however, noted that the phone would get cheaper in time.

The specs on DroidChart gave this particular smartphone a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. While the phone's specs are much appreciated, there is still speculation online as to whether the phone being priced at $2,500 is justifiable with the given features. The said features, although quite beneficial, are still being bought at a hefty price of $2,500 and to top everything off, the Sony Xperia Pro uses the Snapdragon 865 chips instead of the newer Snapdragon 888 chips by Qualcomm.

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