Tesla has unveiled the new look of the Model S, the full-fledged sedan of the company, with premium upgrades that include the crazy-looking new steering wheel design and horizontal infotainment system. Not only that, the new Model S has dropped the "Performance" option and is replaced with "Plaid" and "Plaid+" as part of the Palladium project for better batteries.

2021 Tesla Model S
(Photo : Tesla via Screenshot)

The popular electric vehicle manufacturer and clean energy company, Tesla, did not mention or hinted anything about an entire rework of its lineup of cars, but it seems that 2021 would be seeing that from the company. Additionally, it is expected that most of Tesla's new and upgraded models would be seeing an early release, during the first half of the year. 

The Model S is the full-size sedan that is also one of its luxurious releases, having all the features and style of a premium vehicle, providing nothing but comfort and performance, along with all the nifty add-ons. Upgrading the Model S shows that Tesla is committed to perfecting the vehicle and providing its best version for the users and future drivers. 

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2021 Tesla Model S: Steering Wheel, Infotainment System, Facelift

The most impressive new feature of the new 2021 Tesla Model S is its steering wheel, which goes by the name of "Yoke," and features the crazy, F1-looking design that is U-Shaped and has two buttons it needs for control. Yoke steering was created for drivers to focus on driving, and driving alone-having no distractions for other functions in a vehicle.

2021 Tesla Model S
(Photo : Tesla)

Despite Tesla promoting its Full-Self Driving (FSD), it still debuts the Yoke steering wheel that aims to be the solution for a "distraction-less" driving experience for all Tesla owners. Moreover, Tesla is rotating its infotainment system from a vertical to a horizontal perspective that spreads across the dashboard with its massive 2200x1300 display, paired with a secondary display for the passengers.

2021 Tesla Model S
(Photo : Tesla via Screenshot)

The new Model S also deleted its chrome finishes on the exterior of the vehicle, giving it a fresh new look and facelift that moves away from its previous design.

2021 Tesla Model S: All New Specs and Features
2021 Tesla Model S
(Photo : Tesla via Screenshot)


  • Chrome-delete
  • Tinted Glass roof that stretches to passenger seats, UV Protection for all glass
  • Automatic Rear Tailgate, Power, and Heated Side Mirrors


  • 17" Infotainment System, 8" Passenger Display, 12.3" Driver Display
  • Gaming Computer with 10 Teraflops processing, Phone Key
  • Multi-device Bluetooth for Media, USB-C Charging, Wireless Charging
  • 22 speaker system with noise canceling
  • Heated Seats (All Seats), Sliding Center Console with Cup Holders

Special Features

  • Autopark
  • FSD ready, Autopilot
  • Summon, Phone Key
  • Subscription Services (1 Year): Internet, Satellite Maps, Caraoke, Streaming (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Twitch, etc.)

2021 Tesla Model S: Range and New Trims
2021 Tesla Model S
(Photo : Tesla via YouTube)

  • Long Range: 412 miles; 155 mph Top Speed; Starts at $79,990
  • Plaid: 390 miles; 200 mph Top Speed; Starts at $112, 990
  • Plaid+: 5200 miles; 200 mph Top Speed; Starts at $132, 990 

The release Date is slated at the first quarter of 2021, with no exact date for its rollout, but is available for preorders on Tesla's website. Prices include California's Clean Fuel Reward, with further reductions of up to $5,500 for the federal incentives. 

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