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Recently, a company called International Loops has crossed the threshold of crossed over into doing multiple eight figured in business. Year over year, it has been consistently making multiple seven figures. The company projects the revenue it has reached up and through 2020 will be transcended in 2021. By focusing on providing social media marketing services, International Loops has become one of the main SMM agencies within the industry.

International Loops briskly arrived onto the social media marketing scene in 2015. What started as a way for mom Jennifer Brooks to keep tabs on her kids transformed into what is now the number one globally recognized social media marketing agency. Today, International Loops states that it enjoys complete customer satisfaction. 

This SMM agency has reached the level of success it now enjoys because it is both transparent and authentic. It delivers quality and high value, while doing so at reasonable prices for what you get. This all helps separate International Loops from other SMM agencies. With around one million people on Instagram keeping up with the latest from International Loops, Jennifer Brooks has been doing something right. 

Not satisfied with coasting from here on out, Jenny has expanded her horizons for what she sees International Loops becoming in the future. She hopes that it will become a household name when it comes to the world of Exclusive Advertising. Jennifer also envisions setting up a nonprofit organization that will be connected to the work she is doing through International Loops.

Social media has become incredibly vital to successfully advertising products and services a business offers. All you need to do is take a look at a social media platform like Instagram. Today, there are over a billion daily active users, which means there is an extraordinary amount of opportunities for growing an audience, as well as getting more leads and sales. There is a reason why Instagram has become the undisputed champion of influencer marketing. 

With the help of International Loops, individuals and brands can easily get traffic delivered to their pages. That is an eye-popping figure that makes it a no-brainer to use an SMM like this one to grow and expand your success. The more exposure you get on social media, the more credibility you will receive. Social proof can lead to people being more comfortable giving you money for a product or service you offer them. International Loops is the SMM agency that leverages influencers and helps make it happen.

Right now, International Loops is the most well-established company within the SMM agency space. For several years now, it claims that it has been delivering exceptional results to its clients.

Jennifer Brooks knew how to keenly identify needs that were not being met, and she cornered the market on her unique way of addressing those needs. By creating Exclusive Advertising campaigns that leveraged influencer marketing, she has helped numerous clients all over the world grow their brands in a way that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. 

You can head over to the International Loops website to learn more about how you can benefit from the Exclusive Advertising campaigns offered. To see real examples of campaigns going on right now, check out the Instagram page

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