"Fortnite" insider has released the early look at the latest challenges that the game has for its players, with Season 5 already at Week 9, it now asks people to emote in the middle of the game at stone statues. Emoting is a basic task in "Fortnite" as only one click of a button is all it needs, however, it would not be as easy as pie when enemies aim to kill.

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The popular battle royale game, "Fortnite," is going mellow this week, with a series of challenges that only requires user on a quest to find hidden locations and perform different tasks in several places in the map. Not compared to past weeks' challenge and quest that involved becoming hunters, in-line with "The Predator's" arrival in the game.

Epic Games have continuously updated the battle royal game, retaining and inviting more people to play on the platform and gain a massive following and fanbase throughout the years. "Fortnite" maintains its position as a stronghold in console and PC gaming, after it had lost the battle on smartphone and mobile platform gaming against Apple.

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'Fortnite' Season 5 Week 9 Challenges: Emote at Stone Statues

According to Dexerto, the Season 5 Week 9 Challenges has already revealed several of its requirement for players that would easily earn them a massive 20,000 XP that can help in upgrading the Battle Pass. One of the most notable and basic challenges to do is doing an emote in front of stone statues at two different locations.

However, the game only asks for one place in the map to emote at, thus completing the challenge easily, with a guaranteed 20,000 experience points. The two locations that players need to emote on are Coral Castle and Colossal Coliseum, where they need to find the statues on their own.

Coral Castle

From the Battle Bus, jump down towards the northern part of the main castle in the Coral Castle location on the map, and land near the main entrance. Head towards the central castle and there would be a stone walkway where two columns of stone fishes await its emoting characters.

Colossal Coliseum

From the Battle Bus, jump when approaching the Colossal Coliseum and land near the edge of the location on the map. The main spectator seats in the coliseum would have two golden "Peely" banana statues which are the "stone statues" that users would need to perform their emote to.

How to Do the Emote

Upon arriving, immediately do the emote to avoid contact with other players as most likely, the players arriving there upon landing have no weapons apart from the fist or pickaxe tool to overcome each other. Doing the emote is easy, users need only to press either 'A' for Xbox and Nintendo Switch or 'X' for the PlayStation and using the right analog stick to choose the emote.

For PC, users need to press 'B' and use the mouse's scroll wheel to select.

Other challenges for the Season 5 Week 9 are revealed by popular "Fortnite" leaker, iFireMonkey (@iFireMonkey).

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