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JGOD, a YouTuber has just recently exposed a new way to do a "slim glitch" in the game "Call of Duty Warzone." This time, it's a more complicated glitch since it doesn't involve technical cheating, but it still makes the game more appealing. Furthermore, the YouTuber called for the developers to provide a patch to fix this issue.

In a very challenging game like "CoD: Warzone", it is essential to maintain the integrity and healthy competition among all players of the game. However, the game has been prone to many instances of glitch that has made the game unfair for many players. Consequently, it has destroyed the fun that the game holds.

As Engadget reports, players who have been abusing this glitch at the expense of other players have coined the term "stim glitch. These players have taken advantage of numerous glitches in the game every time a new strategy is found. To date, there has been a total of three instances that the stim glitch has surfaced. Now, it is back for the fourth time.

In a released video in his YouTube channel, JGOD said " I show a new Mechanic Exploit Currently Doable in Warzone in an Attempt to Raise Community Awareness and Urge the Developers to find a more permanent solution for all future issues that could come with the use of a Stim. "

Stim Glitch: A New Tactic to Acquire Unlimited Stims in 'CoD Warzone'

According to CharlieIntel, JGOD discovered a new "glitch-like" strategy in the game, but technically isn't considered as cheating. In the video posted by the YouTuber, he shows a new strategy to be able to get past the gas and acquire unlimited stims that do not involve cheating. He shows this tactic by starting out by collecting about $50,000 of money as a team. Afterward, they head over to the buy station and do a buying spree of ammo crates. Then, they utilize this to restock stim shots.

At the same instance that they do this, they continually pick-up the ammo crates from the ground. This is essential to make sure that they do not disappear. It also helps a lot to have the restock equipped. By doing this, players can acquire unlimited stims. All of these can be done without a glitch, which technically cannot be considered cheating.

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YouTuber Proposes Two Solutions for Developers to Fix 'CoD Warzone' Vulnerability

However, this still does make the game less competitive, and less fun. Thus, JGOD has called for the developers of the game to fix this vulnerability to bring back the healthy competition in the game. Not only did he show this problem, but he also offered potential solutions to the developers. He proposes two possible fixes for the problem.

The first one is to shorten the time it takes to diminish the items after entering the gas. In the game, it takes about two minutes before it could disappear. JGOD proposes that the developers shorten the time to about 30 seconds, to make the game more challenging.

The second proposal that he offered is to simply execute the killer who has stayed in the gas for too long. This seems to be the more effective solution not only for this vulnerability but also for all stim glitches that could arise. Once the damage grows uncontrollably, the players will be taking 100+ damage in just one hit. This should then take them out of the game.

Raven Software, the developer of "CoD Warzone" has not commented yet about anything related to the issue. Hopefully, they will fix these vulnerabilities to also prevent future stim glitch exploits. Ideally, they will be developing a patch in the future to fix this game-spoiling problem.

"CoD Warzone" is known to have various exploit players that abuse the vulnerabilities at the expense of other players. JGOD has specialized in posting videos primarily about CoD and how players can improve their tactics in the game.

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