'Dyson Sphere Program' Guide: How to Get Started With Bonus Tips and Tricks!
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/ Gamera Game) A quick 'Dyson Sphere Program' Guide

Ready for the Dyson Sphere Program Guide? The hype is set again for another adventure as the gamers are now itching to try the 'Dyson Sphere Program,' Factorio's revamped version. The main feature of the game will revolve around 'factory building' which will be done by accumulating necessary resources and consuming them in a distant exoplanet.

"Dyson Sphere Program's main objective is to build a lot of factories to activate a gigantic structure called the Dyson sphere that will amass energies from the sun.

After knowing why the "Dyson Sphere Program" is named like that, let's now dive into the "Dyson Sphere Program" guide so you can now start your Dyson journey!

Tip #1 Save Your Suit Fuel in your 'Dyson Sphere Program' Adventure

As a beginner, your suit fuel is the first thing that you should treasure, Screen Rant reported. Your mechanical suit, like a rechargeable battery, also needs to be recharged after a series of usage.

Be mindful that any form of movement, including running or moving and even interacting with everything that you can see might consume its reserved power. When recharging its power, be patient as sometimes, it takes a long time before becoming fully-charged.

Tip # 2 How to Refill Your Suit Fuel

You learned that you need to be thrifty in using your suit fuel because it really takes a lot of time before it gets full. Now, let's talk about the efficient way to refill it.

Now, to refill the mech suit's power, look for something to harvest like leaves and logs. They are scattered everywhere so gathering them will be a piece of cake for you. In addition to the logs and leaves, you can also use hydrogens and coal, as well as other late-game items. If you encounter material with an embedded 'energy stat', the chance is it can be a source of your suit fuel.

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Just be mindful if you are running out of power, or else you'll end up looking again for the organic resources!

Tip #3 Iron and Copper are the Game's Staples

Beginners should know that finding copper and iron node veins is the way to start. These resources are essential for you to build materials like circuit boards, magnetic coils, and ingots. The two components are a must for you to jump in your research options at the early parts of the game.

To begin with, let's be familiar with the following buildings listed by the Games Radar:

1. Mining machine - its function is ore extracting from an ore vein. In its placement, make sure it extends to other ore pieces as possible.

2. Conveyor belts - use them to deliver your ore to your preferred point from the Mining machine.

3. Smelter - carries out the task of transforming crude ore into resources which you can use

4. Assembling Machine - resources from the Smelter can be converted to other stuff through this machine.

5. Splitter - as its name suggests, splitting the conveyor belts is made easier by it

6. Sorter - one of the most important buildings which you can use to transfer your items. If in case you want to transfer an item to the Smelter, the conveyor belt should be clicked first.

7. Storage - use for item placement and transport via a conveyor belt

8. Matrix Lab - can be used to create science matrices

Note: Pay attention that sorters should have enough fuel to carry out their tasks. Keep an extra sorter will make your work very easy.

Tip #4 Research Logistics and be Organized

The goal of this game is efficiency so you need to be organized in playing the game. Make sure that the buildings serve their rightful purpose or else you'll get dizzy even from the arrangement of the building. But remember that in this game, storage containers can be piled up atop one another, so just keep on stacking them.

Allot a space also for the conveyor belts if you want to make your item transfer a quick job. For it to work, you need 3-5 tiles space placed in-between different sections. As you near the end-game, space will reproduce so that you can load sorters to the conveyor belt efficiently.

A friendly reminder! Save up for the logistics research tree because it will provide the fastest way for the item transport. The faster the transfer, the more productive is your job.

Just remember to recall these tips for your first "Dyson Sphere Program Guide" and have fun!

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