Spoiler Alert! Resident Evil Village Boss Fight Leak!
(Photo : Screen from YouTube/Tj play) A Resident Evil Village boss fight leak on YouTube

The new "Resident Evil Village" boss fight leak became the latest trending spoiler in the gaming world, and fans are disappointed.

The Boss Fight Leak

A video of Ethan Winters fighting Lady Dimitrescu filled the internet with a plethora of speculations ahead of its release. Considering that the voluptuous vampire lady is one of "Resident Evil 8's" antagonists, glimpses of the spoiler showed that Dimitrescu hasn't reached her maximum potential yet, but she could be much taller in the future updates.

Last December 2020, Capcom has previously encountered a game leak, following their encounter with a ransomware attack from an unknown publisher.

According to an article by Games Radar, Capcom did not grant the hackers with money that they have requested. When Capcom's compliance was not fufilled as per the intruder's request, the "Resident Evil 8" met an abrupt leakage. In the video, an early candidate for the spoiler of the year emerged.

On January 26, the "Resident Evil Village" boss fight leak spread again through a short gameplay demo. For those who want to avoid spoilers, stay away from entering game forums and gameplay sites, so you will not think what it should look like in advance.

Earlier this January, Capcom launched an exclusive gameplay teaser "The Maiden." The demo tours the players to get the feel of the game's aesthetics and competitive environment. Before that, Capcom announced May 7 as the release date of the highly-anticipated "Resident Evil Village."

The next demo that Capcom will release will feature Resident Evil 8's combat details. The upcoming demo is said to be available on every platform.

The previous installment, "Resident Evil 7 Biohazard" is more of an extension of the first version which features survival skills inside a horror mansion.

On the other hand, "Resident Evil 8 Village" will focus more on taking down the bosses, just like huge boss fights from "Resident Evil 4." For the combat-driven gamers, the latest version of the horror franchise will surely take you to another sparring sessions with main character Ethan against the bizarre monsters, Screen Rant wrote.

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Spilling Leaks Become a Game Norm

In November last year, the news about "Resident Evil 8" broke, and it was rumored to be released in April 2021. It happened months after but publicized to be released in May.

According to the Game Informer, there are suspicious emails that revealed that "Resident Evil 4" is in the process of embracing the Oculus Rift through Virtual Reality Headsets. Additionally, "Resident Evil 8" is rumored to have battle royale features in the game.

The recent leaks that happened in "Resident Evil Village" can be compared to what happened to "The Last of Us Part 2." The cutscenes in the storyline let the fans thought that it was already the ending. However, when it was revealed, it was the actual scene in the first half-hour of the game.

Spoilers, indeed are great nuisances especially to those excited fans who only want to discover the games by themselves. By taking a part of the game from them, the hackers are also removing the freedom of the players to enjoy the game at the very first time.

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