PS5 Restock February 2021: What Tools to Use to Buy
(Photo : Screenshot From SpawnPoiint YouTube) PS5 Restock February 2021: What Tools to Use to Buy

Despite initially launching three months ago, the PS5 and PS5 digital edition are still extremely hard to buy online. Whenever the stock appears to be available, within a matter of minutes, the stock then automatically disappears.

PS5 Restock February 2021 Update

According to an article by TechRadar, AMD noted that these shortages could still be present throughout 2021. Despite the consoles being extremely hard to purchase, there are still a lot of new exciting PS5 exclusives said to release along the line.

While there is still very rare PS5 stock online, these following retailers mentioned below have proven to be somewhat a good point of reference whenever looking for the PS5 stock online. It's also worth noting that one technique by these retailers in order to avoid their sites crashing is to release the PS5 restock during the dead hours of the day like midnight to early morning.

Other retailers might be using the raffle method as a way to remain fair in selling the next-generation console. This means those interested would have to get a number and the website would pick which numbers will have the opportunity to buy the new PS5 restock. Should buyers not take advantage of the opportunity and purchase the PS5 new stock online, the website then raffles again and gives the next person picked a chance to buy the console.

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Where to buy PS5 online?

These online retailers have a history of selling the PS5 stock and are a few of the most commonly frequented by new stocks. However, it is still not a 100% guarantee that players will be able to purchase the PS5 restock February 2021 right away or that any stock is available.

PS5 restock GameStop - currently out of stock. The retailer is going through an awkward time as of the moment as stock prices soar high. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that GameStop will have the next batches of PS5 restock first.

PS5 restock Target - currently out of stock. Target, on the other hand is known to frequently have PS5 restocks compared to a few other other online retailers. However, this is also a site where almost everyone is watching as well.

PS5 restock PlayStation Direct - currently out of stock. Whenever there is new stock, they will also be available to buy on the PlayStation Direct. However, there are also a lot of people watching this site.

PS5 restock Walmart - currently out of stock. Walmart, just like Target, is also another strong reseller so it's quite hard to purchase from them. Also, there have been previous problems with their website when the new stock appears.

PS5 restock Best Buy - currently out of stock. This online retailer has a fair competition which makes it a little easier for the new console to be bought. However, they do not always restock.

PS5 restock Amazon - currently out of stock. The trick to buying PS5 restock on Amazon is to actually opt for the bundles as they last longer than buying the console in itself.

Aside from the PS5 restock being hard to find, another console, the Xbox Series X is having the same problem for its buyers. However, quite surprisingly, this is not the case with the Xbox Series S. For those interested in buying a next-generation console but have been running out of luck for the previous months, the best bet would be to purchase an Xbox Series S online.

PS5 finding tools

For those interested in checking out which online retailers are selling the PS5, there's actually a few accounts that can be followed on Twitter in order to get free notifications. Check out accounts like @PS5StockAlerts@SpielTimes, and of course, @Wario64. These accounts consistently tweet out where and when certain PS5 restock availability is happening.

As for actual tools, the OctoShop is said to be an extension that works by monitoring websites and sending notifications immediately for those that are looking for either the PS5 or the PS5 Digital Edition consoles. For those wanting to find PS5 restock in-store, PopFindr can be used.

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