Goldeneye Remake Officially Cancelled: FAQ Revealed, Clarifies Nintendo is Not the Owner
(Photo : Screenshot From Graslu00 YouTube) Goldeneye Remake Officially Cancelled: FAQ Revealed, Clarifies Nintendo is Not the Owner

New pictures of what was supposedly a complete tour of the upcoming "Goldeneye" remastered that was cancelled from the xbla or Xbox Live Arcade game N64 (007 "Goldeneye") have reportedly surfaced on YouTube. The could-have-been game, despite the cancellation, was shown in a two hour video.

'Goldeneye 007' remastered footage revealed

The video was uploaded by Graslu00 which showed a two-hour long video of what the game should have been like. The video was uploaded about three days ago showing a full walkthrough of the supposed game along with the could-have-been 30 minutes of multiplayer mode footage.

The game was said to have run through 60fps and 4K in the Xebia emulator. This particular emulator was reportedly used in order for the game footage to be played with the high resolution and frame rate. The original "Goldeneye" remake or "Goldeneye" remaster was supposedly scheduled to release back in 2007 but was then canceled some time later.

'Goldeneye' XBLA FAQ

The opening of this game even shows certain characters of the said N64 Compared directly to its goldeneye remastered versions. The update then completely remodeled the game with brand new HD textures, as reported by an article by

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The description of the particular video uploaded by Graslu00 included an FAQ section in which they were answered one by one. Below were the asked questions.

1. Is the footage of 'Goldeneye' source from the 4chan leak that happened earlier the previous month?

The answer was "not at all" and that the file is actually dead weight and also can't be cracked. Graslu00 noted that he has known people with those particular builds for about years even before their partnernet/pnet and that it was only a matter of time.

2. How was the footage/game obtained

He then said he can't say and that patience is the key.

3. Will 007 'Goldeneye' be released soon or someday?

The release is not up to Graslu00 as he cannot publish the game. However, he was told that it might be released somewhere in 2021.

4. Does this mean that the 'Goldeneye' remastered is being hoarded?

The answer was no and that patience is the key. Graslu00 said he has been told that the game will be released sometime in 2021.

5. Can the video footage be used on any news site /  video review?

It was said that the video can be used however, there needs to be proper credit to Graslu00 as well as to not modify the watermark. It was also noted that the video should not be re-uploaded either.

6. What are your thoughts regarding Nintendo cancelling the 'Goldeneye' remake?

Graslu00 clarified that it was not Nintendo that cancelled the game and that they are not the owners of the games' license. If people want the GE to come back, it was noted that the IP holders should be asked and not the gaming companies.


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