People often pass by a house and wonder who lives there. There are some moments when you want to check someone's background, but all you have is their house address. At that time, a reverse address lookup can do wonders. Reverse address lookup applications are the ones that provide instant knowledge about people's identity with their home address.

You may need reverse address lookup software if you want to check who lives in your neighborhood. One can also check the criminal background of people through their home address. You can find out people who have lived at a specific address.

Furthermore, it assists you to know about criminals living at your home as tenants. Similarly, one can run the reverse email lookup on any address to check its records before buying it. In this article, you will learn how to find out who lives at an address.

Part 1: What Is Address Lookup?

Address lookup is a service that lets people find information about their targets, such as their identity, education, and background, by just adding his house address. Generally, a reverse address lookup is connected to various database directories, both national and international. As they are interlinked with public search engines as well, they claim to provide public information about people.

However, it is a necessity for reverse lookup apps to provide factual data. Reverse address lookup applications provide names, phone numbers, social media accounts, family, relatives, and business details of the target through their address. Moreover, if you want to be informed about any property, the application assists you in finding the worth, selling prices, width, and tenant's details.

A reverse address lookup application takes minimum information, but it should be correct. The user needs to enter the correct address, colony, street number, and state where he needs to run the lookup service.

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Part 2: CocoFinder: The Best Reverse Address Lookup

CocoFinder is a famous and best reverse address lookup service that serves about 1 million users around 195+ countries. The application has been reviewed as the best application in the famous news brands such as 9to5Mac, PCWorld, TechRadar, and TechTimes, etc.


2.1 Why CocoFinder Is The Best Free Address Lookup?

CocoFinder performs many services to assist users find their lost friends. Besides this, the application has many key points, which makes it the absolute choice of people. Here, we will witness how CocoFinder plays such an important role.

  • Variety of Search Parameters

The application is versatile and performs several features to find people through its interface. CocoFinder performs unlimited background checks on the target. If you don't have your target's phone number, address, or email address, you can find his complete identity by just entering his name.

  • Transparency

CocoFinder is fort-right with its policy. It informs the user that he cannot misuse the application under the compliance of FCRA. The application explains to the user before showing the information that he cannot use it against someone to block him from certain job vacancies.

  • Functions on Both iOS and Android

The application works on both iOS and Android phones. It works directly from its webpage. You only need to add the name of the target person in the search bar. There is no restriction on using any specific device or website.

  • Vast Database

CocoFinder has a vast database directory. It is also connected with public search engines and vast national database directories. Hence, it never fails to display up-to-date and factual data about a searched person.

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2.2 Find out Who Lives on This Address with a Free Address Search

Here, we will acknowledge how CocoFinder works to attain the righteous information of the target and how to find out who lives at an address for free.

Step 1: As the address lookup works directly from the online web page of the application, you have to head over to the website of CocoFinder. Click on the "Address lookup" tab on the homepage search bar.

Step 2: Enter the full and accurate address of the property where you want to run the lookup service. After that, click on the 'Start Search' button.

Step 3: CocoFinder will find and show multiple profiles that match the given information. Click on the profile and find out data of your interest.

CocoFinder Official Website:

2.3 What Other Features Does CocoFinder Have?

As CocoFinder not only provides information through reverse address lookup free, we will see what other features are performed by the app.

  • People Search by Name

The application provides information such as the target's identity, social media accounts, employment history, and educational data by just adding the name of the target. 

  • Reverse Phone Lookup

Phone number lookup provides information on the target by his phone number. The data includes marital information such as marriages and divorces, criminal offenses, court proceedings, and alternative phone numbers.

  • Email Address Lookup

The email address lookup lets people know unknown emailers by adding the email in the search bar. The app provides data such as the complete name of the target, his phone numbers, full address, aliases, and social media handles.

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Part 3: Other Solutions to Reverse Address Lookup

Besides CocoFinder, there are other ways to find out information about your target that is present on the public platform. However, these approaches don't exactly compete with CocoFinder in providing up-to-date data.

  • Search Engines

There are multiple search engines such as Google which can provide publicly available information. Google requires you to just do a search by adding the phone number, address, or names of the target. It, then, provides publically available details such as the target's social media accounts, information about a property, and criminal offenses.

Google also shows public data or crimes committed by the target accompanying the court proceeding.

  • Social Media Handles

Social media handles are the main source of information to people. If the target has added information such as his workplaces, educational institutes, photos, and other social handles' links, then he will easily access them. This approach has a limitation as it only works if the target is actually available on the platform and has a public profile.

  • Address Lookup Websites

There are other address lookup websites available as well that claim to provide information about people. In general, they work exactly as CocoFinder, i.e., by requiring the name, address, email, and phone number of the target person. Some applications claim to provide a demo before buying the subscription. However, not all applications offer up-to-date and factual data.


The article has clearly concluded the ways to find who lives at an address without him knowing. With CocoFinder, people can find their lost ones by just adding their home address, name, phone number, or email address. Moreover, if you want to know someone but can only recall his house address, where he does not live anymore, you can still identify him.

By adding his past house address, you can find his identities such as name, social accounts, complete current address, and phone number. Anyhow, there is a way more explained procedure to find people through their least-known information. Anybody who reads it will get factual knowledge.

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