Apple's First Virtual Reality Headset Will Feature 8k Screen for Each User's Eye
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/ MRTV - MIXED REALITY TV) Apple's first virtual reality headset will be featuring an 8K Screen for the user. However, expect that its price won't come in handy.

A recent report from Bloomberg revealed that Apple gears toward the production of its first VR (Virtual Reality) headset in 2022, which could both embrace VR and AR (Augmented Reality) capabilities. The product will be featuring a sports 8K screen and is rumored to cost as much as $3,000.

What Makes Apple's Virtual Reality Headset a High-End Product?

The Information reported via Digital Trends that Apple's VR headset will be pricey for a $3,000 device. Even though it is cheaper than the Microsoft Hololens 2 which costs $4,950, it's still not that affordable when it comes to mass.

Furthermore, the headset which has a codename of "N301," according to a report, can flash 3D display graphics at its resolution because of its ultrafast M1 chip successor. The old VR-technique, which Apple will use on the headset application will feature an eye-tracking capacity to recognize the parts of the screen where the user looks at. Then, it will now be able to decrease the screen resolution on the peripherals.

In another report, this time, an East Asian manufacturer of iPhones and iPads will be assigned for the construction of the VR headset. The Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company, Pegatron is Apple's bridge to build the high-end product.

Moreover, the addition of the "thimble-like device" will be controlled by the user to activate the VR headset's software, as per Gizmodo. Still, it's still early to conclude if the said device will be attached to the headset. Meanwhile, the VR headset's camera will be the one responsible to relay what the real world looks like on the screen.

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Besides its eye-tracking feature, the headset could also detect hand movements. Additionally, there will be an "outward-facing display" placed on the visor so the users can present holographic-like images that will represent what they can see in the virtual world.

When it comes to displaying, the Apple VR headset will have two 8K screens. For most people, watching in an 8K display is too much, and yet for you to enjoy the VR headset, the bigger screens will not fail you to be engaged in it.

Apple's virtual reality headset is endless when it comes to features. A lidar sensor will also be included in the product. It was a feature in some iPad and iPhone where it functions as a scanner to create a 3D blueprint for 3D objects. In addition, it also has occlusion, accurate shadows, and other features.

Expect Apple to Release more Products in the Future

Apple's virtual reality headset might drop soon any time of this year. On the other hand, Apple's Apple Glass, which will be featuring mixed-reality interaction through augmented reality, is reported to come by 2023.

Previously, Apple's "Self-Driving" Car which won't be coming this 2021, will start production in 2024, to be released in 2027. Expect Apple to throw many product teasers this year which will come at eye-watering prices. Soon, Apple will be a haven of the most advanced gadgets on the planet regardless of its products' worth.

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