Mario Kart Koopa's Challenge POV: Here's What the Game Looks Like in Real Life at Super Nintendo World Universal Studios
(Photo : Screenshot From Universal Parks News Today YouTube) Mario Kart Koopa's Challenge POV: Here's What the Game Looks Like in Real Life at Super Nintendo World Universal Studios

Ever since the initial opening of the Super Nintendo World over at the Universal Studios Japan back on February 4, certain visitors have proudly been posting photos and videos of the said attraction all over the internet. While the footage of the pretty fun theme park leaves some people salivating as other parts of the world are stuck in lockdown, the new footage of the theme park will allow people to be able to appreciate it from afar.

Mario Kart Koopas Challenge ride

According to an article by Polygon, people will now have a full look at the newly opened Mario Kart ride known as the Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge! Universal Park News Today released a video showing exactly how fun it looks like inside this particular segment of the famous Universal Studios theme park.

The attraction makes use of augmented reality so that every visitor will be able to get their very own Mario-themed headset in order to play the game while they are riding. The ride would then tear its guests to a certain first-person view of a number of classic courses just like the Mario Kart Circuit as well as the Rainbow Road.

Mario Kart Koopas Challenge POV

As people start progressing from one course to another, everyone will be firing AR shells at Bowser as well as his underlings in order for players to gain points. The waiting area itself is already charming as well. The line actually goes through a certain model of Bowser's Castle which is reportedly filled along with all sorts of different fun props.

There's also a giant throne, which might just be Bowser's, that has a certain framed photo of the popular Princess Peach sitting on top of it. There is also an award case along with all the Mario Cup trophies included. That case is also seen to feature a new cup that integrates, of course, the Universal Picture logo into a new Mario Cup.

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Super Nintendo World

Overall, the ride still looks pretty good and for now, fans of Mario can only imagine checking out the theme park especially if they are coming from a place that has strict travel laws. Some parts of the world make traveling harder and with the vaccine rolling out, some people may be told to hold until the vaccine is rolled out for the majority of the population.

The Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge is not the only attraction present at the Super Nintendo World at the official Universal Studios Japan that opened just recently on February 4. Fans of both Nintendo as well as Mario are in for a treat as there are other attractions there that bring the world to life. As for the moment, the video of Mario Kart: Koopa's Challenge is the closest thing to reality that viewers around the world can check out. The video was also shown in an article by Eurogamer.


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