Zack Snyder Teases Upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Drop on 2/14/21 9:14am PST
(Photo : Screenshot From Mebta YouTube) Zack Snyder Teases Upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut Trailer Drop on 2/14/21 9:14am PST

Zack Snyder has finally teased the upcoming Justice League Snyder cut trailer that is set to drop on February 14, 2021 at exactly 9:14AM PST on his Twitter account. Could it be a coincidence that they have picked valentines day as the official release for their trailer? Either way, since Zack Snyder himself has given the announcement, it's pretty sure that this will push through.

Why was Zack Snyder cut from Justice League?

While the original Justice League had failed to satisfy some die hard fans of DC, a lot of other fans are hoping that the upcoming Justice League Snyder Cut will finally set things straight and give a better version of the previously released movie. The upcoming Justice League Snyder cut is expected to launch really soon.

According to an article by Insider, fans will finally be able to see the original Justice League director's "true vision" of the said film some time later this year. After quite a lot of years of speculation and debates coming from fans, it was noted in the article that the Justice League Snyder Cut release date will be on March 18, 2021. An article by HollywoodReporter notes that Snyder left Justice League to deal with a loss of a family member.


Is the Snyder cut good?  

What's interesting is that the upcoming movie is set to launch on HBO Max and theatres are still a bit questionable. Zack Snyder as well as his producing partner and his wife, Deborah Snyder, are included among the many people that are reportedly working on the brand new cut of the said film.

Zack Snyder gave a statement during the Justice Con panel to reportedly help raise funds for the said American Foundation for Suicide Prevention that during that time, the popular #releasethesnydercut was starting to gain huge volumes and had made a strong social media presence especially for a Warner Bros,' movie that did not even exist. He then added that this could be very problematic especially if he had owned a studio, that would then feel like a particular issue that he needs to figure out.

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Is the Tweet legitimate?

Although the video posted by Zack Snyder technically did not reveal the superheroes (which have already been seen) or perhaps any good footage of the upcoming movie, there was still another detail that was included in the video that came quite exciting, the sound. Although it isn't much, the background music sounds superhero-like and the video is of a football touchdown.

One thing that could also possibly confirm that Zack Snyder's announcement should be taken more seriously is that the official DC Comics page on Twitter also commented with the flames emoji. This could mean that Valentines Day could be the agreed upon day to release the brand new Justice League Snyder cut trailer to the world. Fans will just have to wait and see for the official trailer to drop.


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