"Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" released the latest Firebase Z map that caught a lot of "COD" players to take into the challenge. Now for the Firebase Z guide, here's a guide to capture the mimics and also to find the secret crate for your Firebase Z easter egg hunt.

How to Capture Mimics in Firebase

This "COD" guide aims to teach you how to find the three special Mimics for the Firebase Z easter egg. They only appear in certain places but don't worry as we will guide you on your journey. For you to accomplish a successful capture of the mimics, remember that you will use an essence trap, as per IGN.

  1. First, head to Mission Control and talk to Dr. Peck. Watch out for the cutscene.
  2. Next, go to the Data Center and search for the Rocky Defense Area. Remember to start doing this when Dr. Peck finishes dancing.
  3. Now, get the Essence Trap from the machine after clicking the Memory Transference Station
  4. At any time, you can install the Essence Trap but take your time. Do NOT forget that you can only catch a Mimic's essence using the trap. Just double-press reload when the mimics stepped on the trap while on critical hp.

NOTE: Be aware that Mimics that only spawn from Purple Items will be caught by the trap so remember that you should search for the following areas. Keep in mind that a special mimic can be encountered only once per round.

  • Peck's Quarters
  • Planning Offices
  • Motor Pool
  • Colonel's Office

        5. When you already captured a Mimic, head back to the Transference Station then put the Essence Trap on the machine's right side. Officer Weaver will notify you if you capture the correct Mimic or not.

        6. Just repeat the step for three times until you have all the Mimics in the Essences. After a successful capture of the third Mimic, go again to the Transference Station and you will receive a Floppy Disc.

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How to Find the Secret Crate

To find the Firebase Z secret crate, follow the following steps:

  1. Head to the village and search for Captain Ravenov. Talk to him upstairs.
  2. After talking to him, look for the huge and blue bunny which is on the stare-well's right side.
  3. After spotting a bunny, shoot it.
  4. The next scene will teleport you to the Vietnamese jungle.
  5. When you land in the Vietnamese jungle, scan the area, and this time, look for three purple rabbits. This will be an easy task for you since the rabbits are glowing in the dark around the jet-black forest.
  6. Make sure you complete the requirements, and you can now acquire the Firebase Z secret crate, which could unveil either of the following for free: a Juggernog, an Epic weapon, or a Legendary item.

Remember that to accomplish the mimic walkthrough and the search for the Firebase Z secret crate, follow the steps above. If you want an even more comprehensive "COD" guide, watch the videos below so you could breeze with these accomplishments easily.

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