VLC Player 4.0 Comes with a Modern Design and a New User Interface
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The popular video player, VLC is now coming with a new user interface and a more modern outlook. Furthermore, VLC's developer VideoLAN is working on bringing a web-based player for users. 

As reported by Protocol, the new update for VLC version 4.0 will be released in the coming months although no exact date has been reported yet. What's pretty certain is that the company will be launching these new changes this year. The new change will bring something pretty new for the company since it hasn't released interface changes in a long time.

Redesigned Interface in Version 4.0 is the Future of Video Playing

According to the president of VideoLAN foundation, Jean-Baptiste Kempf, the new update will make the popular video player a "bit more modern" and will give a fresh experience for users. Moreover, he notes that the future of VideoLAN as well as of other video playing companies is in a redesigned interface. By having a new interface, users will have a new experience in video watching. 

The new interface has been hinted at since February 2019 by the company during the FOSDEM conference. Back then, they have released screenshots of a possible interface that VLC would look like. It shows a more modern interface that skips the dated grey colored scheme of the video player. It has an interface with transparent color schemes and more modern-looking elements and icons. With this new interface, it is expected that with the arrival of the VLC Version 4.0 comes a surge in users that will utilize the proven and tested video player.

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VideoLAN is Working on a Building a Web-Based Player for VLC

As reported by XDA Developers, the VideoLAN team is reportedly currently working on more ways and ideas to integrate online content into the player. Since more and more people are getting videos, movies, and snippets from the web, the company is eyeing on building a web-based player for LC. Moreover, they are looking for a new way of running VLC in a webpage. 

More than that, the company is thinking of bringing more third-party videos using extensions to the player. In the future, they are planning on offering some free-ad supported videos just like how some streaming websites have made it possible for its users. 

VideoLAN is working on creating a new web page using JavaScript and Webassembly as opposed to its old way of using a browser plugin. Their goal is to offer users a more convenient experience by allowing any type of movie that is inside users' browsers to play in the video player seamlessly. By bringing web-experience for their users the company will prove itself to be relevant in modern video playing.

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