Are you single? As the world celebrate's Valentines Day, some people are sharing funny "singles" memes and jokes online as couples celebrate love day. Well, for singles, this could be a different story.

But instead of sitting in a corner and cry for being alone during lover's day, some enjoy the day by spending it with family and friends. Other binge watch some V-Day movies while still others just enjoy browsing through the internet for a good laugh. Well,if you are here, you could be one of those who are looking for funny memes to brighten up your day.

Valentine's Day Meme 2021

1. Feeling smart, eh?


2. Perfect time to switch.


3. Acting skills: 10/10


4. You don't have to rub it in.


5. Don't disturb.I'm serious here.


6. Shampoo and soap saved!


7. Patiently waiting, my love.


8. Stop asking questions. I have myself.


9. At least I'm safe.


10. Am I cursed?


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Can't get enough of these Valentine's Day single meme? Here are more images and memes from the web:

11. Professionals have standards.

12. Oh, hello fellow "single."

13. Be like Harry Potter.

15. Perfect Plan
Valentines Day Meme
(Photo : Valentines Day Meme)

16. It's definitely February 14, for sure.

19. It's time to stop overthinking.

Valentines Day Meme

20. Sounds fun.

Valentines Day Meme

Valentine's Day can be overwhelming to those who will spend the day alone but there's always a good reason to smile and be happy. We hope these memes and jokes will keep you laughing at the end of the day.

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