Super Bowl 2021 Memes Flood the Internet From Tom Brady to The Weeknd's Halftime Show and More!
(Photo : Patrick Smith/Getty Images) Tom Brady's face while carrying his daughter could a candidate for the Super Bowl 2021 memes.

Super Bowl 2021 Memes Flood the Internet From Tom Brady to The Weeknd's Halftime Show and More!

Super Bowl 2021 Memes became the latest internet appetite of the fans all over the world during Super Bowl Sunday. From The Weeknd's show to Tom Brady

The Super Bowl 2021 is the world's most trending sports event as of February 7. People may miss the festive lights, loud cheers, and the heat of the crowd in a football arena due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, spectators flocked the social media and made worthy Super Bowl 2021 memes that will be remembered in one of the most iconic Super Bowl Championships, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won over the Kansas City Chiefs. From The Weeknd's halftime show to Tom Brady, let's see how the Super Bowl 2021 memes took over the internet.

Super Bowl 2021 Memes Spread Faster than COVID-19

Memes during Super Bowl are already not new to the scene. Super Bowl Sunday became a breeding ground of freshly-baked memes that ruled over Twitter. Fans have one thing in common when it comes to the Super Bowl: making tons of memes that people will remember even though the event has just finished.

As the year progresses, people get more creative in making memes that are informative, entertaining, and some are educational. As a meme lover, you could never go wrong in searching the hotspots of the hot sport that will leave you laughing from where you are staying.

Last year, Tom Brady was one of the biggest pictures in the world of memes. The Bucs superstar quarterback became the best option for the fans as Brady somehow hinted at a future retirement when he parted ways with the New England Patriots. However, things have changed and Brady has the final say.

Brady and the Tampa Bay boys now rejoiced after pounding Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in a lopsided 31-9 win. Many speculated that Brady might not keep up with Mahomes' youthful energy since he is already 43 years old, where 20 years of his career were spent on the Patriots. Some have even thought of Brady's retirement since he already notched his 10th Super Bowl ring.

Even so, fans have been crazy all over the internet, as some said that they are expecting a player switch between two superstars, Brady and Mahomes. If that happens, much bigger memes will sprout and fans will only get happier in engineering another wave of comedic content.

According to Super Bowl tweets compiled by Buzzfeed, here are some memes that will make you will enjoy it even though you are a football fan or not.

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Let's start with Alicia who suggested a weird competition where the worst teams are given the chance to win a championship. It sounds fool-proof, right?

There should be a reverse super bowl with the shittiest teams of the season and the one that loses wins worst team of the year

- alicia (@nerdjpg) February 7, 2021

Let's talk about the 'literal' Super Bowl. What's inside that bowl?

That's what I call a #SuperBowl

- Larry the Cat (@Number10cat) February 7, 2021

For a minute, Conan became a football prophet in a sudden. A follower or a win? Choose your poison.

My prediction for Super Bowl LV? Tampa Bay beats Kansas City, XXXII - XXVI, with Brady throwing for III touchdowns, including II in the IV quarter. I will lose MMMCMLXV followers because of this tweet.

- Conan O'Brien (@ConanOBrien) February 7, 2021

Grover, you are talking about another thing. Just tell me if you are craving for a huge cereal bowl.

I am in search of this super bowl everyone is talking about today. It must be a pretty large bowl...

- Grover (@Grover) February 7, 2021

Meanwhile, Elite Daily has another compilations of Super Bowl 2021 memes. Try not to laugh while browsing the best twitter memes that you could only find here.

After knowing the result of the Super Bowl LV, I bet that Tom Ignudo is now hiding behind his mother.

Mahomes to Brady today

- Tom Ignudo (@TomIgnudo) February 7, 2021

Yoda and Yoda. Two Yodas in two timelines. Fans love comparing Brady and Mahomes, indeed.

Brady vs Mahomes. It's almost time...#SuperBowl

- NFL UK (@NFLUK) February 7, 2021

Unzip your mouth and try not to laugh while seeing Brady craddling baby Mahomes.

Brady and Mahomes are ready for #SBLV ⁦@TomBrady⁩ ⁦@PatrickMahomes⁩

- Adam Wainwright (@UncleCharlie50) February 7, 2021

More importantly, The Weeknd also joined the meme wagon when his half-time performance show turned into a meme show. The golden labyrinth, ladies and gentlemen became a meme maze for the fans.

Where's the soundstage exit? Any people here?

Trying to find the exit on a soundstage

- Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) February 8, 2021

Mom, where's the.. Wait, you are not mom!

with my mom at the mall when I look up from the gameboy and realize I've been following a random lady for 10 minutes

- netw3rk (@netw3rk) February 8, 2021

Still, many questioned the Super Bowl 2021 event to be crowded even in the midst of pandemic. The sarcasm got in a higher level when it was dedicated to honor the healthcare workers around 25,000 people.

The Super Bowl: "Please remember the sacrifices of our healthcare workers during this deadly pandemic."

The packed crowd, licking each other's faces:

- J.D. Smith (@DegenerateTBone) February 7, 2021

How coronavirus is looking at this packed Super Bowl stadium

- Rich (@UptownDCRich) February 7, 2021

Why Do We Need Memes at this time?

According to Graded Talon, engaging with memes is a way to stay more connected to others, while imparting the positive vibe of inspiration and hope to everyone, as per Lawrence's 2018 study. Moreover, having a humor to one's life could spice your behavior with a savory bliss and cheerfulness.

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