Rumors made rounds on the internet that Apple will soon create a new iPad Pro and its MacBook model. The production could happen any time of 2021, but according to the leak, it claimed that it will begin in the late first or second quarter.

What the Rumor Says

DigiTimes reported that the production will happen in the said time period, according to industry sources. Ennostar, a Tawainese company that is best known for developing and distributing LED (light-emitting diode) products for huge tech companies, will be led by the production.

Furthermore, earlier this year, Ennostar Inc. was jointly created through the efforts of its co-LED product manufacturers, Lextar Electronics and Epistar, the largest manufacturer of LED in Taiwan.

Apple will soon feature a newly-modeled 12.9-inch iPad Pro, featuring its mini-LED backlight unit. It is expected that in the first half of 2021, the device will hit the market.

In addition, the mini-LED pieces will be distributed by a premier global supplier, Ennostar. According to the report, Lextar will be assigned to package the chips into more marketable backlight units, so the collaboration of the two will make a feasible product for Apple.

Previously, several sources already reported the tentative release of the iPad Pro many times. In December 2020, it was mentioned in a report that the release timeframe will be the first half of 2021. It could be possible that the iPad Pro will arrive next month.

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Rumored Features of Apple iPad Pro and Macbook Pro

According to a report by Mac Rumors, the new iPad Pro which is believed to be 12.9 inches in height, will boast its faster 5G network support for smartphones, so transferring files will only take seconds. It will also feature a much speedy processor, the A14X chip.

However, the tech site stated that it is still uncertain if Apple will push the launch of an 11-inch iPad Pro together with the launch of its taller version since many claims that the company will only release the former edition.

If that is the case, the mini-LED backlighting could be the answer. It might be because the product will only be available to the 12.9-inch product. Whatever Apple wants, it still lacks details, so waiting for the official release could make a difference.

For the MacBook Pro, the rumors said that Apple will be rolling out the device in stores in the latter half of 2021. For Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, two versions of the MacBook Pro will be readily available in the second half of the year: the 14-inch and the 16-inch model.

Kuo said that besides its new design, it will feature an SD card reader as well as the returning HDMI port. It will also remove the Touch Bar, and it will have a MagSafe charging through its power cable.

The improvements that will soon arrive are expected to bring a balanced color pattern to the product and brighter lighting, and better screen contrast.

Kuo ended that the SD card reader for the 2021 MacBook Pro will be provided by Genesys Logic, a Tawainese company known for manufacturing integrated circuits.

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