After Starlink has started pre-orders for the Starlink satellite internet service, chief executive officer and founder Elon Musk promised its users that their service's speeds will double up later this year. 

Starlink to Increase Speeds Later This Year

In a report by Tom's Guide, Musk announced via his official Twitter account, answering one user who showed a screenshot of the speed test he did with the Starlink satellite internet, showing the speed of up to 130Mbps.

In his reply, Musk promised that the speed would double up to 300Mbps later this year, seeing as the average speed Starlink currently has is 150Mbps.

Furthermore, the tech CEO and billionaire also said that the latency rate would also decrease.

 For those who don't know, the latency rate refers to the speed it takes for the signal to make it to its destination and back, and with the promised 20ms latency rate, Starlink internet service could definitely compete with high-speed cable internets that are being offered these days.

Since the signal is being sent to low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites, there is less distance for the signal to travel, meaning a lower latency rate.

As the private space company SpaceX sends more Starlink satellites into space, more satellites will be circling the planet at all times, and now, there are more than 1,000 satellites already in position, with more coming in the next months.

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Pre-Orders Now Open

As said, the pre-orders for the Starlink satellites internet has started early this month.

Those interested could pre-order from their website and set them back for $99 a month, plus an upfront expense of $500 for the equipment cost, which could rather be expensive for most users.

However, Musk has reportedly petitioned the Federal Communications Commissions (FCC) for cheaper internet plans for those with lower incomes.

If the petition is approved, the company could begin offering its services for as low as $9.25 each month, making it one of the lowest options for a high-speed internet connection, but as for now, the FCC has not yet made any decisions whether they would approve the proposal or not.

When Will it be Available to the World?

Moreover, Starlink is yet to offer its services to the world.

As of now, people from the Nothern United States, some parts of Canada, and select locations, but Musk also guaranteed that most of the globe should have access to Starlink internet services by the end of the year and by 2022, everyone across the world should have it as an option for their preferred internet service provider.

Based on the company's plans, Starlink would be available anywhere in the world once the constellation of 12,000 LEO satellites is complete-- even the places that previously had problems connecting to an internet connection should have no difficulties finding a signal from Starlink.

Furthermore, in his tweet, the SpaceX exec also noted that cellular connection will "always have the advantage in dense urban areas" and that satellite connections, just like his Starlink service, are best for low to medium density areas. 

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