Rockstar Games and its "Grand Theft Auto" franchise is one of the biggest hits in the gaming industry, and now, the roleplaying mod for "GTA 5" is coming back stronger than ever, thanks to Twitch streamers bringing it back to the platform.

'GTA 5' RP Streamer Banned

However, the community is in an uproar after Twitch has banned one of the "GTA" RP streamers, RatedEpicz, was banned from the platform after an in-game incident.

According to Dexerto, the streamer decided to enter the Vanilla Unicorn club found within the "GTA 5" universe as part of his RP content. Since people before him have already entered the club despite its obvious adult content, the streamer did not think twice in visiting said in-game club.

Unfortunately, Twitch was quick to ping RatedEpicz for adult content and had him banned from the platform.

The suspension was minor based on the report, but it still did not stop the gaming community, especially "GTA 5" roleplayers, from causing an uproar and questioning the platform's "double standards."

Enthusiasts flocked to Reddit to talk about RatedEpicz's suspension.

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Twitch and Its 'Double Standards'

Specifically, a Reddit user by the name of Jolly-Letterhead commented on a thread saying that a Twitch streamer by the name of RiceGum has practically done worse than simply enter Vanilla Unicorn but did not get any suspension of any kind from the platform.

Furthermore, the community believes that the adult club in-game should be whitelisted by the platform seeing as it is part of the game and anyone can enter it.

Plus, it appears that Vanilla Unicorn is not entirely explicit.

Several Twitch streamers have reportedly been alerted to the Vanilla Unicorn club's issues, so the NoPixel devs from the NoPixel 3.0 server have decided to shut down that specific part of the map due to warnings handed out to them.

The devs were also quick to chime in on the double standards jokes about Twitch gaming streams and IRL Just Chatting contents, saying that "we are going to add hot tubs to VU and call it Just Chatting," based on a screenshot posted on another Reddit thread.

As per RatedEpicz, the streamer has apparently petitioned to have his suspension lifted.

How to Play 'GTA 5' Roleplay Mod

For those unaware, the "GTA 5" roleplaying mod is available for the game's online version, wherein players can join the game as a regular NPC compared to playing as one of the main characters.

As per DotEsports, players can spawn as anything: from a mundane milkman or chauffeur to even as a criminal mastermind or a leader of a big gang that rules the streets of "GTA 5."

There are different servers that players can join, and each has its own set of rules. Some are stricter than others and would require players to stick to the roles they have been given.

Among them is the NoPixel 3.0 server where the incident with RatedEpicz happened.

There are a few other servers, including FiveM, which is among the most popular, Eclipse RP, Mafia City, GTA World, and more.

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