The latest rumor claimed that AMD is now fully ready for the upcoming Zen 4 CPU, the next generation of the EPYC CPU line, which will feature an astonishing number of cores at 96, together with 192 threads.

AMD Zen 4 EPYC CPU Will Be a Huge Leap in the CPU Competition

According to a report by Notebook Check, a Twitter user named ExecutableFix leaked a chunk of details regarding the upcoming Zeno 4 EPYC. The said CPU will be named Genoa. The same leaker added that EPYC Genoa will be featuring a 5nm manufacturing process, which reveals an astounding feature of an SKU with 96 cores and 192 threads.

With all these revelations, the 96-core Genoa will seem to be having 12 chiplets for the cores. It was an early teaser by the leaker since Milan could only achieve to have 64 cores, compared to the 96 cores of the rumored CPU.

In addition, the same source has declared that the upcoming EPYC Genoa will have full support for the DDR5-5200 memory, which has 12 channels, while Milan has only an 8-channel DDR4=3200. Moreover, it is also expected to contain up to 128 PCIe 5.0 lanes, and it could even exceed up to 160 when it comes to dual-socket configuration.

Genoa could be released any time in 2022, so it seems that AMD could still have a lot of time to state some additional details gradually. It will also feature a 320 W Thermal Design Power, which could undergo further configuration to reach a staggering 400 W.

The SP5 (LGA 6096) socket is the final detail that Executablefix spat out to the public. The socket will be the most superior among the sockets, having Milan, Naples, and Rome have an LGA 4094 socket and the SP3 platform.

If that happens, this could be a dream CPU for the geeks and gamers, as it will move you to the ranks of the most impressive chips. People have been hoping that the same product could also reach the mobile processor and the Zen 4 desktops.

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Early Rumors Suggest That AMD Zen 4 EPYC CPU Could Surpass Zen 3

In a report by PC enthusiast Anthony Garreffa of Tweak Town, rumors said that the upcoming Zen 4 was 40 percent faster than its previous version.

The promising Genoa processor will be a powerhouse accessory for the computers. It can handle heavy performance given that it has a lot of benefits for the users. The CPUs that will rely on Zen 4 will be 29% faster after they were tested through their CPU clocks and similar cores in the case of Milan EPYC processors.

According to Rick Bergman, the Executive Vice President of AMD, the people will expect that Zen 4 will be a competitive chipset for the users. Wayback November 2020, Bergman said the upcoming product will have the same listings as Zen 3 by looking through the technical document.

Bergman ended that the company closely examines everything, so the best performance for a monster CPU will surely give a lasting impression to their customers.

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