How to Choose a Video Production Company for Your Business
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So, you know that your business needs some creative help with video production, but once you start looking for a company to work with, it can seem like a minefield. Many companies offer a range of production services, but how do you know which one is the right one to work with? Whether you're looking for a Toronto video production company or a business in your local area, there are some key considerations that you need to make to achieve a great match.


Can They Create Engaging & Entertaining Stories?

If potential clients are going to engage with your brand, there needs to be an emotional connection. So, while the video needs to present your brand along with the key features and selling points, it also needs to create a call to action; this is what then causes your client to respond.

After all, we can all think of adverts and promotional videos that caught our attention, but did they inspire us to engage with the company?  A good production company will want to really understand both your brand and your vision. If they're not asking lots of questions, then that's a pretty strong warning sign to continue with your search.

Check Out Their Portfolio

A video production company should be keen to share its portfolio with you. This is the showreel of the work that they're proud of producing. From this, you'll get a sense of the type of work they specialize in and whether that's a good match for your requirements.

Do have an open mind though, sometimes the best ideas can come from the least likely of alliances!

Look for Results

Now, as we've just mentioned, looking at the portfolio or showreel is essential to gain a sense of the production company's style. However, what results did the clients get? Just because it's an eye-catching piece of production, it doesn't always follow through that it created a high level of conversion.

That means you need to speak to previous clients to find out what difference the video made to their business's bottom line.

Do Have a Clear Understanding of Your Budget

As I'm sure you can imagine, when it comes to the costs involved in video production, then the sky's the limit. But that doesn't mean to say that's always the case nor even necessary for your requirements. Having a clear budget to communicate to the production company will allow them to scale the project appropriately.

No-one wants to waste their time when there's a significant mismatch when it comes to money. Communicating what the maximum spend is upfront can save everyone a lot of time and energy.

What's Included?

You've done your part by communicating your budget, but has the production company now provided you with a complete breakdown of what's included? Be sure to ask whether there are any other costs to consider for the video to be fully produced and ready to air. For example, if there are actors or voice-over elements in the video, have they been contracted on a full buyout basis to prevent claims for additional payments further on? You'll also want to know whether your video is being produced in SD or HD.

When a quote seems too low to be true, then there's usually a reason!


Understand Timescales

You've found the right company, you like their production style, and your budget is a good fit for their services. Now you find out that they can't start the project until six months' time. It's not unusual for a video production company to be booked out several months in advance, so do bear this in mind when you're planning your project timescales.

Don't, though, let this deter you from getting in touch with a company when you only have a short timeframe to work towards. Sometimes projects get completed earlier than planned, and others might get delayed. That then means that they're able to squeeze in your video at the last minute.

Just on timescales, do try to have a little flexibility on when the production needs to be completed. It's not unusual to go through a few rounds of tweaking the results until everyone is happy. The last thing you want to do is go with an 'okay' outcome when you could have had amazing if you'd only waited for a few more days.

How's Their Customer Service?

Have you felt like a cherished customer from the very first point of contact, or were you left for days before anyone got back to you? The period before signing the contract should demonstrate the very best in customer service levels; after all, this is when they are trying to impress you in order to win your business.

No-one wants to work with a company that has little regard for the customers. After all, if the customer service isn't up to scratch prior to contracts being agreed, then there is little hope of it improving after this point.


How Organized Are They?

Are the video production company able to explain their processes to you? Can they define the different stages of the project along with what they'll need from you at each point? Effective organization will be essential if your production is to run smoothly, be completed by the deadline, and come in on budget.

Shooting, editing, and production will all need to be scheduled once the planning stages are completed, and each step will likely need some form of input from you. Getting a call to say they need a meeting tomorrow is not going to be helpful when you're right in the middle of a big project yourself, or worse still, away on a two-week vacation.

How Motivated Are They?

Does the video production company seem genuinely interested in your project? Are they coming up with innovative ideas and suggestions, or do they just seem to come up with the same old proposals they've used dozens of times before?

You need your production company to be excited about your project. You need them to be passionate about getting great results and producing a video which they'll be proud to be associated with.

For many companies, it's now essential to use video production if they are to be competitive within their market. This means that finding the right video production company is vital if you're to be one step ahead of your competitors.

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