Every person's dream is to go to space. What if that dream is not too far ahead, and people can get the chance to take a vacation into Earth's orbit and see the World as what it is.

The Voyager Space Station Project Greenlit

Comicbook reports that the project to put the first-ever space hotel in Earth's orbit has now been approved. The Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) is responsible for this massive space hotel and is due under construction in 2025 before it is launched into the cosmos and opened to the public two years later. It is expected to host up to 300 guests (astronauts, scientists, business travelers, long-term residents, and tourists) and 100 crew members. The OAC also stated their plans to construct VSS using a fleet of patented in-space assembly robots.

The Voyager Space Station is reported to use artificial gravity throughout, allowing for a permanent in-space workforce to build and maintain large space structures in a healthy environment. The VSS measures 200 meters in diameter and 125,000 square feet spread across 24 habilitation modules. The OAC notes that the station will also feature 44 Emergency Return Vehicles.

The interior of the Voyager Space Station will not be ultimately in zero gravity. The whole mega project is expected to be a rotating space station designed to produce varying artificial gravity levels by increasing or decreasing the rotation rate. The massive operation could rotate around the Earth every 90 minutes, as LadBible reports.

The OAC stated on their website that the Voyager Space Station would be designed to accommodate both national space agencies conducting low gravity research and space tourists who want to experience life on a large space station with the comfort of low gravity and the feel of a nice hotel.

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Voyager Space Station Features

Narcity reports that the Orbital Assembly Corporation added that the space hotel would be composed of a series of rings with a very different purpose.

The first ring, known as the docking hub, will be where SpaceX space crafts connect with the massive structure, allowing excited space travelers to take the first step.

Once the docking hub is completed, construction on the outer ring truss (ORT) will begin. The ORT section will include an access tube that will allow visitors to move around the station as they please.

The final ring, the habitation area, will then be built underneath the ORT and include a series of modules that feature amenities such as gyms, restaurants, bars, theaters, hotels, and even government-owned research and training facilities.

The project has been in the works for years, with John Blincow founding The Gateway Foundation in 2012 that eventually created the Orbital Assembly Corporation. The Gateway Foundation is excited at the prospect of creating the "First commercial space construction project in history."

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