From College Basketball Star to Entrepreneur – The Story of Gabe Adzich’s Unusual Rise to the Top
(Photo : Gabe Adzich’s)

Not that many basketball stars go on to become innovators on the leading edge of marketing using Extended Reality (XR). Yet, that is the story of young entrepreneur Gabe Adzich. You may be familiar with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (AR), but may not know much about XR. That's perfectly normaly, since it is still an emerging technology. However, it's been showing tremendous traction as something that could revolutionize a number of industries, especially marketing. There to help businesses and brands increase their leads and sales through XR is a 23-year-old entrepreneur named Gabe Adzich.

Gabe is still quite young, yet he can already claim to have been a nationally ranked basketball star in high school and college. He can also say he founded two startups (KAFF Coffee and PRISM XR), is an investor in real estate development, and is also an investor in a handful of other startups.

While he could have potentially ended up playing basketball professionally, the entrepreneurial drive was simply too strong to ignore within him. The start of Gabe's entrepreneurial career began at Loyola Marymount University. This is where he joined a cohort of top-ranking entrepreneurs from all over the United States, and where he received the inspiration for his very first startup.

While in college, he quickly excelled at developing his entrepreneurial skills. This forced him to hit the ground running and accelerated him as a startup founder and investor in other startups. Becoming a real investor was soon something else he could add to his list of accomplishments. Today, Gabe is looking to expand his entrepreneurial ventures even more than he already has. At just 23 years old, there is a great deal more that he can achieve.

PRISM XR is his main focus these days. This is a mixed-media agency specializing in creating digital products that involve the use of XR, or extended reality. Similar to VR and AR, XR combines both digital and real environments. That means companies can reach their target audience in novel ways that have never been possible.

There are already a number of clients that are interested in what PRISM XR offers. These include businesses in food and beverage, tech, entertainment, retail, vitamins, and gaming industries, plus others. Gabe has positioning himself, and his XR-focused company, to become a leader and pioneer in the field of extended reality and its marketing applications.

Gabe is developing meaningful solutions for multiple Fortune 500 companies, who want to reap the benefits of applying XR to their marketing strategies. As an early-stage startup, we have to wait and see what comes out of PRISM XR, but some practical digital products already being rolled out include designed digital worlds, portals to new environments, branded face filters, and novel games. Gabe says this is only the beginning of building tomorrow, today, so keep an eye out for this young entrepreneur.

To learn more information on Gabe Adzich and all of his entrepreneurial ventures, you can head over to his website.

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