Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Sells 'First Tweet Ever' as NFT Bidding at $2.5 Million
(Photo : Screenshot From Pxhere Official Website) Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Sells 'First Tweet Ever' as NFT Bidding at $2.5 Million

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, is now selling the first tweet ever published as an NFT, the tweet is now being sold as a particular digital collector's item. Dorsey then shared a tweet recently on Friday along with a link going to a digital platform known as "Valuables." This platform would allow users to buy and sell tweets that were autographed by their very own creators.

First tweet ever

Dorsey's tweet actually came from 2006 which simply says "just setting up my twttr." That particular tweet is now bidding and so far, it has been able to reach a whopping $2.5 million by Sina Estavi, who is the CEO of Bridge Oracle. This is according to Valuable's website.

According to the story reported by CNN, NFTs or Non-fungible tokens have now started to pick up streaming during the past few months as a new popular technology that can be used in order to sell digital art as well as a few other musings which would include music or drawings. An NFT is said to be a unique digital token which would then effectively verify the whole authenticity as well as ownership of a certain digital item. It is encrypted along with the artist's given signature over on the blockchain which is a digital ledger that is used for some cryptocurrencies including bitcoin.

NFT digital marketplace

Just last month, a certain collage made by the digital artist called Beeple of 5,000 images all captured through the course of a 13 year segment went up for sale using the crafty new NFT. It was reportedly the very first purely digital NFT artwork that had gone on sale in that particular way.

NFT, however, isn't actually just limited to artwork. NFTs have even started to make their way to the NBA and are also being used in order to buy certain highlight clips of some iconic basketball players just like Lebron James when he hit a slam dunk. NBA Top Shot is a new NFT marketplace made by the blockchain startup Dapper Labs.


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Twitter CEO invested in Bitcoin

The platform would allow users to both buy and sell video highlight clips calling it "moments." This is a whole new twist to the traditional physical trading cards that have been able to fetch millions by collectors and sellers alike. Dorsey's reported move actually follows the other efforts made around previous cryptocurrencies just like Bitcoin.

Back in February, the CEO actually announced a bitcoin development fund along with the billionaire rapper Jay-Z. Even before that, Dorsey's other company known as Square or SQ had actually purchased a whopping 4,709 bitcoins back in October which was reportedly equivalent to about $50 million during that time. Despite the fluctuating value of bitcoin as of the moment, it can be seen that the value has still raised in general.

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