What happened last week? Here are the most talked-about articles this week.

#RIPElon Trending on Twitter 

No, he did not die, but why this hashtag became trending this week? The root of this speculation came from some fake news websites, suggesting Elon Musk was injured and rushed to the hospital aftermath of a Tesla accident in a testing center with some Lithium-Ion Batteries explosion.

Warp Drive Technology for NASA 

In a paper written by Alexey Bobrick and Gianni Martire, the pair described their ideas for a warp drive. Bobrick and Martire start with an Alcubierre warp drive concept, developed by Miguel Alcubierre in 1994.

'League of Legends' New Skins

"League of Legends" Battle Academia Season 2 Patch 11.6 is expected to be released on Mar. 18. It is an alternate universe that connects with anime and its fans. Check out Battle Academia 2021 Splash Art and Animation here!

Nikon NX Studio Vs. Adobe Lightroom

Nikon NX Studio released its new NX Studio to replace its previous editing app ViewNX-i. According to some news outlets, the new app offers all the features of ViewNX-i and Nikon's Capture NX-D utilities. Will it succeed in stealing the heart of Adobe Lightroom users?


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