'Call of Duty Mobile' Season 2: Weapons, Scorestreak, New Maps, and More
(Photo : Screenshot From Anonymous YT YouTube) 'Call of Duty Mobile' Season 2: Weapons, Scorestreak, New Maps, and More

It was reported that the game's latest season of content will be introducing two upcoming multiplayer maps namely Shipment and Shoot House. Although this isn't new to other "Call of Duty" players, it's still pretty refreshing seeing them bring back some of the more classic games.

'Call of Duty' season 2 new maps

"Call of Duty Mobile" released a Tweet noting "day of reckoning" which came with a promise of new weapons as well as operators. The Tweet is quite an assurance for players as they can expect a huge upgrade some time soon. For those that aren't too fond of updates, they are quite necessary as they are the only way the game gets to update itself.

According to an article by VideoGameChronicle sharing the "CoD" season 2 new maps, Shoot House initially arrived in "Call of Duty Mobile Warfare" last 2019. This also included an updated version of Shipment which is a certain map that had debuted in "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" back in 2007. These two classics are making a comeback and for those that have been following the whole franchise, the familiarity is definitely something to bring back memories.


'Call of Duty Mobile' season 2 new weapons will include the following:

  • SP-R 208 marksman rifle

  • AS VAL assault rifle

Oh yeah, remember Napalm? It will also be added as a Scorestreak in the game. The tweet, however, actually said that the "CoDM" season 2 could be packed with even more.

'Call of Duty Mobile' season 2 modes

The "CodM" season 2 modes will now include something that a lot might enjoy which is the Tank Battle in Battle Royale as well as the Gunfight Sniper.

'Call of Duty Mobile' season 2 surprise

The cherry on the cake is not just the new guns, modes, and others, what's really going to be exciting for players is that Ghost, coming from "CoD modern warfare". "CoDM" season 2 could get a little more exciting.

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'Call of Duty Mobile' season 2 release date

The good thing about the tweet is that it did not leave fans and players left vaguely in the air without a final release date, basically, the "CoDM" season 2 release date will be on March 10 4PM PT! This means that players won't technically have to wait long at all for the new update!

Players will be able to enjoy "CoDM" season 2 2021 in no time at all and the good thing about this is although the "CoDM" season 2 patch notes aren't as thorough as possible, the inclusion of Ghost from "CoD Modern Warfare" makes his rounds in the game. The tweet posted by "Call of Duty mobile" on Twitter included a video that shows new weapons, characters, and what people can expect with the "CoDM" season 2 battle pass. While players won't have to all get "Call of Duty mobile" battle passes in order to enjoy, it still sure does make a difference.

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