The Russian government has been making some strange moves since making it clear that the LGBTQ lifestyle is not supported in the country. Just recently, it was announced that transgender citizens are no longer allowed to drive on Russian streets, a move that has caused LGBTQ groups in the country and around the world to irk with anger.

The reason for banning transgender drivers is mainly due to the high death tolls on Russia's roads. It has always been a huge problem for the country, and the sole reason why every driver must have a dashboard cam installed in his or her vehicle.

If folks search YouTube right now for a list of the most terrible road collisions, we are certain that many on the list would have originated from Russia. This is clearly a huge issue, but is banning transgender people from driving the answer?

The argument here is that no one with a certain mental disorder should be awarded a license, but the Russian government seems to think transgender people have a mental disorder, so how long before they are thrown into the mad house because of who they are?

We have to wonder, is the Russian government itself suffering from some form of disorder? Because laws like these are completely out of the ordinary. How can a person who chooses to change their sexual orientation be a danger on the roads? We ask this question because we have failed to see what the Russians see.

What can the LGBTQ community do?

Nothing much at this rate. We understand that many Russians are in support of the government, more so after the quick takeover of Crimea from the Ukrainians. The sanctions from the West and the issue in Ukraine are pushing the people more to support the government, so next to no one will stand.

The court system is seemingly under the control of the government, so transgender drivers cannot go there to seek justice. It's a travesty in our eyes, but hey, what can the world do? Russia is a nuclear powerhouse, and it is clear from several strings of U.S. failures overseas that attempting to bring certain ideals to others never ends in a good manner.

In our minds, we believe the best thing to do is to allow the Russian people to stand for themselves rather than to force the issue.

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