'Pokemon Go' Incense Day of Beldum: All You Need to Know
(Photo : Screenshot From ProPlanty YouTube) 'Pokemon Go' Incense Day of Beldum: All You Need to Know

Events keep on rolling in the popular "Pokemon Go" game and this Sunday, on March 14, Coaches will be meeting a particularly special event. The upcoming event is said to be special since it will give players the opportunity to be able to get themselves a Metagross with Meteor Fist. The upcoming event is called the "Pokemon Go" Incense Day of Beldum.

'Pokemon Go' March event 2021

As reported by Explica.co, the event is going to be another Incense Day. This means that players will be able to expect that they will have to play on together in order to join and enjoy the event to its full capacity. It is also expected that there will be a lot in store for just 1 PokeCoin so players can do it all.

'Pokemon Go' Incense Day of Beldum event

There are a few things that can be expected from this upcoming "Pokemon Go" event. The details should be followed in order for players to get the most out of their "Pokemon Go" experience.

  • Beldum will reportedly be attracted to incense and players can even find its very own shiny version.

  • Evolving the Metang into the Metagross during the said event will allow players to get the said exclusive attack called Meteor Fist.

  • For just 1 Pokecoin, players will be able to buy the new batch within the store.

  • There will also be a few other "Pokemon" that would be attracted to the incense. Here's which "Pokemon" to expect:

    • Meditate

    • Natu

    • Baltoy

    • Girafarig

    • Alola Diglett

    • Aron

    • Munna

    • Magnemite

    • Bronzor

    • Shieldon

'Pokemon Go' Incense Day of Baldum release schedule

While the "Pokemon Go" Day of Baldur release date has already been discussed, the time, however, is equally important. There will be times where the incense would work stronger on other types of "Pokemons" compared to others.

  • Psychic-type "Pokemon" will be more attracted from 11:00AM up to 12:00PM

  • Steel-type "Pokemon" will be more attracted from 12:00NN up to 1:00PM

  • Psychic-type "Pokemon" will be more attracted from 1:00AM up to 2:00PM

  • Steel-type "Pokemon" will be more attracted from 2:00AM up to 3:00PM

  • Psychic-type "Pokemon" will be more attracted from 3:00AM up to 4:00PM

  • Steel-type "Pokemon" will be more attracted from 4:00AM up to 5:00PM

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The schedules reportedly represent the local time in every single country so players won't have to adjust in terms of timezones. It is also stated, however, that players would still have to wait just until the end of the whole event for them to evolve Metagross and be able to learn Meteor Fist.

An article by AttackoftheFanboy also confirms this particular schedule so players might want to target those specific hours or time to play in order for them to be able to attract either a steel or a psychic "Pokemon". In order to squeeze out the best, however, players might want to play throughout the whole event.


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