Xiaomi is looking at a horrific U.S. ban because of its alleged ties to the Chinese military and should have been blocked off investments, but a federal judge files an injunction to remove it for the company temporarily.

Now, small companies and the public can continue their investment in Xiaomi via the stock market and other channels despite its case in the U.S. courts. 

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The popular Beijing-based multinational technology conglomerate, Xiaomi, is close to facing the same fate as its fellow Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Huawei, who was one of the first companies to receive the harsh U.S. Trade Ban.

Huawei was also on the rise in debuting its devices in the global market, and its smartphone lineup highly depended on the Android OS--only to be taken away.

Now, Xiaomi is on the hot seat for the impending U.S. Trade Ban, particularly as its founder was found to have ties and previous connections to the Chinese military force, immediately making it into the U.S. watch list.

After months of investigation, the company got the attention of the U.S. that has now resulted in a court hearing to determine its business with the country. 

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Xiaomi US Trade Ban: Temporary Lifted by Federal Judge Injunction

The Beijing tech giant should have been losing several of its investors from the United States, but thanks to a ruling and injunction filed by the District of Columbia's judge, it allowed the continuation of its business.

Based on the injunction by the federal judge, Xiaomi is allowed to continue its stock trading in the country as the hearing proceeds. 

The hearing would take place in the coming months, and it would be evaluated by the United States' courts and officials, hereby deciding the future of Xiaomi in the country, particularly its technology. Before this, Xiaomi had already revealed a "Plan B" that would allow the company to continue its production despite losing access to U.S. products in their devices.

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Xiaomi is known for using the San Diego-based chip manufacturer, Qualcomm, technology, particularly its 5G and Snapdragon lineup that complements the performance and capabilities of its devices. In terms of operating system, Xiaomi uses the MIUI, which is an OS that bases itself on Google's Android, which is an open-source technology. 

Xiaomi US Trade Ban: Denies Ties to Chinese Military

Xiaomi Mi 10S
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Xiaomi was designated by the United States government as a "Communist Chinese Military Company" or CCMC, which the injunction stopped from happening, thus allowing the continuation of its business in the country.

Moreover, the judge argued that the Department of Defense's decision to ban Xiaomi was based on a "shaky ground."

Xiaomi denies its ties to the Chinese military and continues to do so since the original proceedings of the case, in which the company repetitively rejected the idea of being under its influence. According to ZDNet, Xiaomi was placed on the CCMC list last January, which has begun a series of stock drops against the company. 

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