Sony Direct is allowing people to subscribe via their newsletters to receive alerts and notifications on any promotions, sales, discounts, or PS5 restock of its products via a person's email that they registered. Email notifications may be old-fashioned, but most modern e-mail applications can update in real-time, as fast as instant messaging applications.

PS5 Order Guide: Delivery, Shipping, Cancellations, How to Track Console
(Photo : Photo by Kerde Severin on Unsplash )
PS5 Order Guide: Delivery, Shipping, Cancellations, How to Track Console

Moreover, this method is a way to get "Direct" access to Sony, particularly as they are the producer and manufacturer of the most coveted gaming console which the public aims to buy via retail stores or its official site. Apart from that, Sony's alert would guarantee a restock among its announcement, and not a false one, but be wary that it can sell out almost immediately.

Sony Direct is a reliable source for its PlayStation 5, and the only downside to its service is that it holds a queue for people to get on before moving forward and getting on its official website to secure the console. For some it may be a bother, bot for Sony Direct, it is a way to control traffic and guarantee everyone who entered to secure one, instead of having server crashes due to volume. 

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How to Turn On Notifications for PS5 Restock via Sony Direct?

PS5 Restock Live at Sony Direct: Things You Should Know Before Logging-in
(Photo : Photo by Krzysztof Hepner on Unsplash )
PS5 Restock Live at Sony Direct: Things You Should Know Before Logging-in

Users need to go to Sony Direct's website to continue and achieve this process, where they also need to have already registered to the service to get into the website and configure the notifications. It is fine if users have no active accounts as they can easily register and set up their accounts to use the email alert service.

After registering or logging in to your account, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that your address and billing information is already filled out and completed so that when logging back in during a restock, users could already proceed to checkout and buy the PS5.
  • Head to Settings > Account Settings > Other Settings
  • Click Notification
  • There is a question there that asks "Do you want to receive notifications about new products, special offers, and other promotions?" and below, there are two boxes that users need to tick.
  • This process is already finished, but if users want to amp up their chances, they can head to their smartphone settings and notifications. Here, they can prioritize the notifications for emails so that they would be highlighted whenever receiving updates from Sony. 

PS5 Restocks: Where to Buy Potential Consoles?

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