Smart home innovations have been around the corner for many years, but they do not receive the same popularity that other devices gained.

As of now, Apple is reportedly working on a modular wall unit system for smart home configuration. Maybe this would be the time for smart homes to be more widely-known after the company has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Apple's New Patent Modular Wall Unit System Could Now Control All Accessories Through One Host Unit
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Apple's New Patent: Modular Wall Unit System

When we think of a smart home, the need to uplift the comfort of living is the first thing that comes into our minds. Indeed, reshaping a house into a more sophisticated yet more comfortable design would have to be rethought carefully.

In arranging a smart home with the desired technology, it will not be an easy task to set in the first place. Sometimes, incompatibilities could occur, like in the case of the conflicting size of hardware, ill-matched sizing of connectors and wires, and some discrepancy in the configuration of a smart home software.

In this regard, we can already conclude how tedious the whole configuration process is, even if you are an expert in the field of smart home tech.

Patently Apple revealed Apple's new patent, the modular wall unit system, which could be the key to a heavenly smart home set-up. Concerning configuration, you can have the full freedom to configure a smart home system even if home accessories are either removed or included.

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Modular Wall Unit System: How it Works

Its main feature is its capability to have full control of all accessories through a single host unit. The host unit can be integrated with other devices and components of the home.

You can attach it to the walls and floors. You can also connect it to the cable and even the electrical power grid, Newschant reported.

Meanwhile, the modular accessory tackles the power source of the device. It is paired with the host unit so that the configuration will be as smooth as possible.

When the host unit and modular accessory are linked together, the smart home configuration is now on the tip of your fingers. Furthermore, the process works when Ethernet and AC are attached to the accessory.

From there, the setup configuration for the smart home will also envelop control schemes for the modular accessory.

At the end of the day, the goal is to have access to all accessories using one host unit. Truly, the said device will be a game-changer for smart home configurations.

We could only hope that this modular unit system could become an official product of Apple one day.

The patent, if it passes the standard, will be a frontrunner among smart home products. It could surpass the current smart home devices like wall-mounted iPads and HomePods.

It's no wonder how far could Apple go from the most common mobile devices to the most underrated smart home products. Indeed, the company is headed to a bright future of production to make our lives more efficient convenient.

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