Before, "Valheim" players can exploit a lot of cheats that are often overlooked. Upon the update launched on Mar. 23, "Valheim" revealed its full patch notes, which feature small and big updates, including bug fixes for exploits that users always utilize for their advantage.

If you are that type of player who is an opportunist of endless farm drops obtained from the Greydwarves, your way of retrieving the said items will change this time for sure.

For now, let's see what are the recent changes and tweaks in the latest 0.148.6 update.

Highlights You Should Look in 'Valheim' Update

'Valheim' 0.148.6 Patch Notes: Exploit for Infinite Farm Drops Fixed, Bug Fixes, Gameplay Tweaks and MORE
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Slashgear reported that fires located near the Greydwarf spawners would receive damage while also dealing damage by themselves. However, the patch notes did not mention the duration of the damage taken by the fires.

If you are a weapon seeker, you can now store more items through an increased inventory space of 6x4. This only means that you can now hunt more chests than before without throwing your other items.

In line with this, trophies' drop rate has increased, too. Fighting Drake and Deathsquito will let you enjoy a few perks, including bonus items due to the improved drop rate.

For the stage bosses, using a harpoon will no longer work. You will need to eke out extra effort to defeat them.

If you are looking for some gameplay tweaks, users can now hit many enemies at once using a melee weapon. Another minor change involves the stone towers situated in the Black Forest biome. However, the patch notes did not divulge anything about it, such as what will happen to the stone towers if we encounter them.

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Full 0.148.6 Patch Notes for 'Valheim' (March 23, 2021)

The following patch note is from the official steam page of "Valheim." Besides updates on firest taking damage, drop rate increase, expanded inventory, stone towers, battle axe, and harpoon, here are the other contents:

  • The rotation of the Wood tower shield is now fixed.
  • Boss drops can now stay afloat on water.
  • Tweak to halt tombstones from getting stuck in Sunken crypt entrance.
  • Fix 1 and 2 HP of a creature.
  • Taming night wolves is now easier.
  •  Revamped system of enemy projectile reaction.
  • Fix stack on serpent trophy.
  • The system now disables the in-game console (to enable it, write "-console")
  • Fixed comfort calculation.
  • Fixed Meginjord item collider.
  • Fixed error message where the player fails to connect.
  • Fixed ward system. Players cannot place a ward when it overlaps with the enemy's ward.
  • Fixed bug when on dolmen location when stones suddenly drop.
  • Changed "imacheater" command to "devcommands" to warn the players when exploiting cheats.
  • Speed modifiers from equipment now affect player knockback force.
  •  Player knockback force is affected by equipment speed modifiers 
  • Items from the item-stand are now synched with their stats.
  • Added hammer remove auto-repeat
  • Added hammer, cultivator, and hoe's slight use-delay.
  • Fixed server list refresh button.
  • Improved connection detection.
  • Updated localization.
  • Fixed problem where more data are sent when the client connection is longer.
  • Improved network bandwidth management.
  • Fixed missing moder spawn location. In some existing worlds, type "genloc" to enable it manually)

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