There are a lot of fascinating technologies on spotlight at the ongoing 2014 International CES. Among them is an $8,000 queen-size Sleep Number X12 bed.

Of course with the hefty tag price, one can expect the bed to have a built-in high-tech alarm clock to wake one up every morning, be smart enough to prepare and serve breakfast in bed, and transform to a bathtub-cum-dresser that will have you ready for work in a matter of minutes. Well, that might be too much to expect but Sleep Number actually came up with a smart bed that aims to individualize the sleeping experience.

"We've given consumers the ability to better understand their sleep combined with increased comfort and adjustability. The revolutionary Sleep Number x12 with SleepIQ technology is the ultimate integrated sleep experience that takes the mystery out of sleep and empowers consumers with the information they need to improve their sleep, and therefore, their lives." said senior vice president and chief product officer at Sleep Number Annie Bloomquist in a statement.

With the SleepIQ, the bed will monitor how its users sleep. It will know when one is in deep sleep, when one is having rapid eye movement, and it can even keep track of one's heart rate and respiratory rate. The list of its features go on, making the smart bed a virtual special duty nurse that will monitor how much you move in bed, how much time you spend just lying still, whether you snore, and more.

If a partner is snoring, Sleep Number x12 can easily raise the head section by a few degrees to help that person stop snoring. In case one wants to turn off the bedside lamps at a particular time, it can also do that. Back pain? There is also a massage function that comes with the bed. By the way, almost everything can be manipulated using voice control or a universal remote.

Of course, it can connect with tablets and smartphones and that makes the bed even smarter as it can correlate sleeping habits of users with their other activities.

Paying $8,000 for a queen size bed might be hard to comprehend for the majority among us; however, that is stopping Sleep Number from releasing a king size bed which will retail for over $10,000.

Happy sleeping.

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