For "Halo Infinite" fans, we could see new content in the game in the form of Spartans, and we might now know its possible launch date after a podcast featuring voice actor Verlon Roberts.

At the time of writing, Roberts was only sharing some of his experiences while working for the development of the upcoming first-person shooter game developed by 343 Industries. But how true is the leak?

Roberts Revealed Possible Spartans Content for 'Halo Infinite'

'Halo Infinite' Could Introduce Spartans from Another Universe--Game Rumored to Launch in November 2021?
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/KevinKoolx)

In a Reddit post created by a user named Atill555, a video of the "Halo Infinite" voice actor Verlon Roberts was spotted. Roberts was reportedly sharing his memories with the team that he currently works for.

But what caught the attention of the Redditors was the "Spartan Griffin" that Roberts had mentioned. The voice actor said that Spartan Griffin was the name of his character. Griffin's actions were far more different compared to Master Chief, the role that Roberts previously played.

Moreover, Roberts highlighted that Griffin is much shorter than the Master Chief. In 2020, Roberts posted an Instagram photo of him wearing mocap gear which suggests that at the time, he is working with the "Halo Infinite" team.

In line with the Spartan leaks, Mega Construx News has unveiled the look of the Spartan Griffin. From its tweet, the Spartan soldier was seen to be donning a purple Mark VII armor.

Upon learning about Spartan Griffin, "Halo" fans said that the character existed in one of the alternate universes in "Halo." The story begins with the "Halo: Shadows of Reach," which features the story of the Master Chief.

In the book, the Chief and Commander Palmer met.

Palmer belongs to the Spartan-IV crew known as the Fireteam Taurus, which Captain Lasky led. The group's quest involves fighting one of the antagonists in "Halo Infinite," the Banished. The fight would later happen on planet Reach, and one Spartan member happens to be named Griffin.

"Shadows of Reach" author Troy Denning stated that immersing in the deep world of Shadows will give the readers a glimpse of the plots of "Halo Infinite." The players could also expect that other characters introduced in the book might later appear in the video game franchise.

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Meanwhile, the game will happen on the Zeta Halo, where the UNSC and the Banished are bound to fight for their ideals and desires. As shown in the trailer, the crew from the UNSC Infinity endured a lot of trouble while many came out alive but heavily wounded.

The survivors are not yet confirmed, but the main highlight could be Spartan Griffin and Commander Palmer, who have a big role in the game. 

The Leaked Release Date of 'Halo Infinite'

'Halo Infinite' Could Introduce Spartans from Another Universe--Game Rumored to Launch in November 2021?
(Photo : Screenshot from YouTube/KevinKoolx)

According to a report by IGN, Roberts hinted that the game could be launched in the later weeks of November 2021. It has not been confirmed as the official launch date, but that is a good starting point for the fans to prepare for the upcoming game.

It's also possible that the release date of "Halo Infinite" could be on the same anniversary of "Halo" as a franchise - November 15.

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