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Got your first game console this holiday? But not sure what game to try first? You're not the only one wondering how best to jump into the fun, as Reddit reader manomon34 posed the following question.

Question: Hello all, my girlfriend isn't much of a gamer but she gets really into lore and story when it comes to TV, movie or comic book franchises, which seems perfect for games. So I want to introduce her to gaming but in a manner that isn't overwhelming, as I feel that simply explaining using the mouse to look and WASD to move would be too much. Ideas?

Answer: As you know there are so many options out there which present the perfect initial introduction for new gamers. Here are a few I think would work well. Let us know how things go.

Walking Dead

The drama of the critically acclaimed comic books and TV series is arguably intensified in Telltale Games' Walking Dead, because those Catch-22 decisions are left in the hands of the player. What character gets the last bottle of water, saved gift of a mercy kill or is saved by the last bullet? Oh yeah, and the characters remember each of the player's decisions.

Cook, Serve, Delicious

For friends and family members who know their way around a keyboard, Cook, Serve, Delicious offers gameplay, with ingredients and actions tied to keys, that effectively acclimatizes players to the fast-paced rushes to come: meat, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, serve! Next! Medium, ice, coke, pour, serve! Next! If the rise of mobile and Facebook gaming is any indication, it won't be hard for a new gamer to fall in love with Vertigo Gaming's Cook, Serve, Delicious as they set up their virtual restaurant and then go on to try other games.

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Trine 2

So the story isn't that great, but Trine 2 supports local co-op and online multiplayer -- and it is gorgeous. Following the lead of a well-versed gamer, new players can get into Trine 2 from developer Frozenbyte and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment without getting hung up on difficult areas. Choose from an eagle-eyed thief or an enchanting wizard to solve puzzles and navigate platforms through this whimsical game.

Deceitfully Attractive

Portal 2 offers a soothing environment, the promise of cake and some of the best co-op gameplay around. But as a first-person shooter, new gamers can struggle finding themselves in the 3D space and exacting ideal shots with portal guns.

FEZ is beautiful, witty and engrossing. But the Fish's convoluted map layout and the very nature of FEZs play on perspective could lose new gamer immediately or make it difficult to find their way when they return to the game.

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