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(Photo : Youtube/Esports Talk) Twitch streamer Ludwig live for 2 weeks

On Mar. 26, the Twitch streamer Ludwig was live on the platform, and he slept in. He then laid in bed and chatted with his 30,000 viewers. Ludwig has spent a lot of time in that spot for the past two weeks. He even broadcast dozens of hours of himself just curled up in a bright red race car bed since he started his stream on the platform.

Twitch streamer Ludwig live for 2 weeks

As of Sunday, Mar. 28, Ludwig's stream has been going on live for two weeks straight. According to The New York Times, his stream started on Mar. 14, 2 PM PT.

The plan was to stream 20 seconds for every new subscription purchased to his channel, the subscriptions are $5 a month, and now Ludwig is keeping his promise to his subscribers.

The whole thing became like a telethon, and the Twitch streamer won't stop so long as people keep on subscribing and paying $5 for it.

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In one of his streams, Ludwig said that he would continue extending the seconds of his live stream as long as people are subscribing until the Twitch stream has turned into some sort of event for Twitch viewers.

Ludwig was already famous on the platform when the stream began.

The unofficial site TwitchTracker ranks him as the 11th most popular English-language channel on the platform, and as the days have gone on, he has become the most subscribed streamer on the site. Twitch has promoted the stream on its front page, and it even wished the streamer goodnight on the site.

Ludwig is still hanging on with the stream

As he nears the two-week milestone this Mar. 28, Ludwig had to step away from the stream for the day and invited his friends to take over it while he is gone. To ensure that the marathon stream did not end while he was out, he ran a subscription promotion to run up the timer.

This is not the first time that a subathon has happened on the platform. It actually has been happening on Twitch for years already, and some even continue for days in the past, just like what's happening with the streamer's online gig now.

In April 2020, streamer LosPollosTV went for more than six days, setting what was believed to be a live streaming record at the time. Other streams have gone for longer but without any running subathons the whole time as they took breaks.

Ludwig's stream showed no signs of stopping, but he has added some constraints though.

Subscriptions now add only 10 seconds to the clock. Also, viewers are limited to purchasing 100 gift subscriptions each. He is also set a 31-day cap before he'll sign off no matter what. 

However, over the course of this week, Ludwig's subscriptions have been slowing down. There were 37 hours left on the clock as of Mar. 24, 8 AM ET, but only 22 hours left as of Mar. 26, 8 AM ET. As of Mar. 28, the clock shows the remaining time is only around 11.5 hours.

Many are guessing that this could signal the end of Ludwig's subathon due to the slowing subscription, but Ludwig himself has not announced anything about ending the live yet. 

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