Apple M1 Beats Intel Core i7-11700K and AMD Ryzen 7 5800X but Not Intel Core i9-11900K at Single thread Performance Benchmark
(Photo : Screenshot From Linus Tech Tips Official YouTube Channel) Apple M1 Beats Intel Core i7-11700K and AMD Ryzen 7 5800X but Not Intel Core i9-11900K at Single thread Performance Benchmark

One thing that a lot of computer enthusiasts can agree on is that the new Apple M1 chip was definitely a beast despite being only a fresh face in the whole world of CPUs. The chip has now just revealed through a recent PassMark benchmark that the new Apple M1 is capable of trumping the Intel Core i7-11700K CPU when comparing single-core performances!

Apple M1 vs Intel and AMD

Aside from Intel, the Apple M1 was also able to trump the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X but still wasn't able to beat another chip, the Intel Core i9-11900K which is Intel's newest powerhouse. While Apple is pretty much a force to be reckoned with, the whole idea of the brand new CPU entering the market which has long been dominated mostly by AMD and Intel is pretty much daring.

According to an article by TechRadar, the recent PassMark benchmark results clearly show that the Apple M1 chip was able to lead by only seven points! Given that Apple is only new, this is a huge victory. Single-core as well as single-thread workload proficiency have previously been Intel's strong domain.

Apple vs Intel and AMD

Aside from the benchmark, it was also pointed out by Notebook Check that the upcoming M1 is also a very attractive choice when matching both affordability vs performance since the MSRP of the Rocket Lake i9-11900K is usually around $539 while the M1-based Mac mini desktop computer with 8 GB RAM as well as 256 GB storage is being sold for $699.

PassMark CPU Mark (single thread performance)

1. Intel Core i9-11900K - 3,741

2. Apple M1 - 3,550

3. Intel Core i7-11700K - 3,542

4. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X - 3,506

It is important to note that these test results only pertain to the single thread performance and are still quite far in comparison to the total performance of the CPUs. Of course, this also really depends on what the computer user is looking for when purchasing a unit.

In a very recent Intel campaign, the popular Apple M1 chip was actually mocked due to its total lack of real gaming capabilities. It was also mocked for its lack of touch screens as well as tablet mode which was lacking from its Mac products.

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Intel i9-11900K

While the Intel Core i9-11900K is still at the top as of the moment, the fact that Apple was able to catch up in terms of Single Thread Performance should be really alarming for both AMD and Intel. While this is only one measurement between the chip brands, Apple is clearly coming in hot despite being new.

The scores, obviously, still do not reflect the performance of multi-core workloads and also comparing the whole ARM-based M1 towards other chipsets still isn't a real clear cut. Apple, on the other hand, has still proven that they will be able to close the ranking gap despite different competitors having a number of decades in development experience.

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