The Xbox Series X restock, just like the PS5 restock, has still been extremely hard to catch online despite already being a couple of months since its official launch. People can purchase these consoles at a painfully marked-up price due to scalpers buying the stock online and reselling them at a huge price gap.

Xbox Series X and semiconductor shortage

Another particular reason for the console to be very hard to purchase is also due to the global semiconductor shortage that manufacturers are experiencing. Despite increasing efforts into being able to manufacture more of the Xbox Series X, the whole shortage of semiconductors has still made the console hard to produce.

Some people have noticed about the Xbox Series X because most of the time, it is also being sold as a bundle and not just the sole console. While people might want to get the bare console itself, the truth is there might not always be a choice. While sole consoles are still being sold, buyers might have to be more open-minded about purchasing the Xbox Series X bundle.

Xbox Series X bundle VS sole console

An article by CNet notes that Bundles might even cost players up to $200 more than getting the sole console by itself. Unless the gamer is interested in what the bundle has to offer and doesn't mind paying the extra $200, a number of people would still opt to get the sole console itself and buy the upgrades later on.

The hard part about purchasing the Xbox Series X online is that the competition is fierce as gamers aren't just fighting with other gamers but also bots themselves. Scalpers have been using bots as a way for them to not only get instant notifications but also move quicker than the average consumer.

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Xbox Series X free tracker online

There is, however, a way for buyers to have a bigger chance at purchasing the Xbox Series X. The first thing buyers can do is to follow certain Xbox Series X trackers on Twitter that are completely free and are pretty diligent with Xbox Series X restock announcements and leaks. 

Despite people being super excited about the Xbox Series X, just like the PS5, the only thing that can be done is staying informed and acting fast. The fast-acting part means that buyers should automatically have their shopping info logged in so that they can move swiftly against other buyers and bots themselves.

It is also very important to note that buyers should turn their notifications on so that they can move swiftly whenever there is news of a new Xbox Series X console being sold online. The good news is that although things aren't still quite as good as most gamers would have hoped, the whole situation is now just slowly getting better with the Xbox Series X restock being more frequent than it previously was.


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