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IKEA and Sonos are reportedly working on a new Symfonisk speaker. Neither company confirmed what the new speaker will look like and what the features will be, but both companies have teased a new product through their respective social media accounts.

New Symfonisk speaker

According to Pocket-lint, a spokesperson for Sonos stated that Sonos and IKEA's partnership is stronger than ever, and they are excited about the latest product that they are working on together. They are looking forward to sharing more in the future.

Adding fuel to the fire, both IKEA and Sonos applied for an FCC filing. While the manual, operating details, and the product images have not been made available on the filing, Pocket-lint reported that the product is currently called IKEA FHO-E1913, and it is a wireless device.

The filing was granted at the start of this month, further suggesting that a launch could be imminent or at least within the next few months.

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Based on the filing, the FCC label could sit at the top of the device's back, and the device could be square shape, just like a cube.

However, the diagram seen on the filing may not refer to the product at all, and it may just be for information purposes given the product images have been hidden.

Rumors about the newest speaker suggested that the two companies are working on an update to the Symfonisk Table Lamp, which The Verge has claimed is the case and stated that it would cost around $190, which is the same price as the original speaker.

According to The Verge, a second product in the Symfonisk line is expected to be a piece of art with an integrated speaker. It is not clear if the speaker unit will be transferrable between different artwork's exteriors, or whether the whole artwork will be the product itself.

The Verge stated that the product is codenamed Titan, and an early image seen by the site is said to reflect IKEA's other wall prints but with more tech on the back, as well as a power cable.

Even though there are not enough details about the latest speaker, it is known at least that one new Sonos IKEA Symfonisk product is coming.

Given the past results of the two companies working together, people are expecting that the new speaker has another function, just like the Symfonisk Book Shelf and the Symfonisk Table Lamp speakers did when it was introduced in 2019.

Symfonisk speaker features

As reported by CNET, the Symfonisk series's goal is to put speakers in places where it will not look out of place, like bookshelves or bedside tables. Both speakers blend in with the decor in your home.

Both of the speakers have great sound, so it is perfect to place inside your bedroom, study room or even your living room. The Symfonisk Book Shelf speaker can be mounted as a shelf, and it is good for Sonos surround sound.

With these unique features and design, people are highly anticipating what the new Symfonisk would look like and what new features will be added.

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